10 Reasons Why You Should Give A DAM About Storeit


Digital Asset Management is the future of online storage. There are around 3.3 billion people online, each one adding their own files and making their own mark on the internet.

Whether they’re uploading photos, saving documents or creating videos - the amount of data on computers around the globe is astounding.

Did you know that according to ITProProtalBy 2020, the world will generate 40 zettabytes of data annually: that’s roughly the equivalent of one million photographs or 1,500 HD movies, for every single person on the planet.’

This is a staggering amount of data, and once it’s all generated it’s easily lost across countless computers, hard drives and cloud storage platforms.

But what if we told you we had a way to keep all of these files in one place so you’re never stuck searching for them ever again?

Welcome to Storeit, our Digital Asset Management solution.

This is why you should give a DAM about us!


1. It makes finding digital files easy

When you work in a business, you have countless employees all storing files on their computers. This means the only way you can get access is by asking for it, or by using a shared server.

But with Storeit everyone uploads their files to the same place - meaning you don’t have to go searching through endless files and computers to find whatever you’re after.


2. It comes with smart search

It’s great having all your data in one place - but there’s no point unless you’re going to have some kind of epic search function.

That’s why we introduced our smart search function.

When anyone uploads a file, they’re encouraged to tag them with keywords. This means that if you’re looking for a picture of a beach, for example, then simply typing ‘beach’ into the search function will throw up a load of photos all relevant to what you need.


3. It works via the internet

One of the hardest things about modern day storage is that if you need a file that’s in another office on one of your business sites, you need to email or call to gain access to it. Storeit puts an end to this.

Because everyone uploads to the cloud, the files are available online for other people in your company to access.

You don’t have to send anything again as long as they have access to Storeit!


4. It gives you internal control

As well as access around the globe, you can also control who can see what. If you have a user in New York that you don’t want to see the files in London, this can be done with a few clicks of your mouse.

It’s internal security and control at its finest.


5. It makes files easy to share

Storeit also makes it incredibly easy to share your files.

You can drag and drop them into a light box before typing in their email - or if there’s just one file you want to share you simply select it, press the share button and type in their email.

Sharing files as never been so simple or user-friendly before.


6. It works seamlessly alongside our web to print software

One of the great benefits of Storeit is that you can hook it up to our web to print platform, Brandit.

If you’re ever creating marketing and branding materials and need images from Storeit, they’ll be quick and easy to access as Brandit and Storeit work seamlessly alongside one another.

In fact, Brandit works with any digital asset management system around. So don't be put off our web to print offering if you don't have Storeit.


7. It makes your working life easier

One of the best things about digital asset management is that it makes your life easier.

Whether it’s helping you to find files quickly or sharing them instantly - you’ll save time and money that would have otherwise been put into tracking down digital files.

This is beneficial to both you and your business. You life is easier and your business has a more efficient workforce.

Go, you!


8. It’s incredibly easy to set up

Any decent digital asset management system will take minutes to create and set live.

This means you get access to your new storage platform right away so you can get started on your new storage adventure!

A quick phone call and Storeit could be working on computers across your company. And we'll support you every step of the way.  


9. You can control which files are available

So you’ve got all your files in one place, but what if there’s some really old ones on there that you don’t want anyone to use?

That’s simple. You can control Storeit and make sure that only the latest assets are available to use - meaning you have control of what imagery and files are used across your business.

This will prevent old files from circulating, helping you to keep everything nice and up to date with minimal effort.


10. It helps you manage your brand effectively

One of the biggest issues with inconsistent branding tends to be the wrong style of imagery used, or perhaps an old logo still floating around that’s years out date.

By keeping all these files together on Storeit, you can ensure that only the correct ones are available - helping you to manage your brand like never before.

This also helps you to increase brand consistency, allowing for a professional brand image to resonate across the world. 


Storeit and You

If our digital asset management solution sounds like something your business’ digital files are calling out for, be sure to get in touch today.

You can download our free eBrochure from our Resource Centre, or if you’d like a free screen-share demo of our DAM system in action just scroll down and fill in the contact form below.

If you have any questions or queries and would like to speak to someone direct, be sure to call Jamie Watson on 0161 228 6489 to find out more.

We're also on Twitter, where you can follow us to keep up to date with all the latest DAM and branding news. 

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