3 Lessons from Kissmetrics on Instagram Branding

Social media is one of the most important tools that marketers can use to communicate their brand personality. Great for audience engagement, quick, and cheap to set up, Twitter and Facebook are already long established as effective platforms for business promotion. But what about other mediums, like Instagram and Pinterest?

Now that the former platforms offer ‘buy now’ buttons for customers, it’s not surprising that Instagram and Pinterest are quickly become a paradise for ambitious advertisers too.

However, if the word ‘advertisers’ conjures up images of 1960s Mad Men to you, then think again. These days, advertising gurus are more savvy than ever - and social media is due some serious credit.

Earlier this week, the digital wizards at Kissmetrics created a fantastic infographic about how ambitious brands could leverage the power of Instagram to achieve impressive results.

Here are some of Kissmetrics’ most valuable insights.


1. Instagram is growing - fast

One of the most obvious advantages for marketers and advertisers alike is that Instagram has achieved 3X user growth in just two years, a phenomenal result for businesses looking for new social opportunities. 

Thanks to unofficial celebrity endorsements from the likes of Kim Kardashian, to the rise of high-quality smartphone cameras, Instagram has become practically an overnight success. With over 300,000 monthly users too, advertisers have the chance to reach new audiences on a virtually unparalleled scale.

And thanks to low competition levels, these ‘untapped’ audiences are a goldmine for marketers who know how to use it.


2. Some big brands have already caught on

Nike. Starbucks. Adidas.

The list goes on - but more and more big-named brands are beginning to see the potential of using Instagram to increase their audience reach and deliver meaningful content.

And the strategy certainly seems to be paying off.

If you explore the infographic, you’ll quickly see that companies like Nike and Zara are attracting plenty of hashtag mentions - significantly more than the number of followers they currently have.

This could suggest one thing: are Instagram followers more active than other social media users?

Well, with 20+ weekly posts per user, Instagram is actually one of the most prolific social media sites available, in terms of content distribution. Furthermore, 14% of ‘prestige brands’ are now beginning to integrate Instagram as part of their overall social media strategy. 

Regardless, this data is a great incentive for other brands - both big and small - that want to leverage new social platforms to enhance audience engagement.


3. Photos attract more engagement than videos


Maybe. Maybe not.

Based on Kissmetrics’ research, photo engagement (1.03%) trumps video (0.79%) - suggesting that Instagram isn’t likely to fall behind competitors anytime soon.

Combined with cross-platform promotional opportunities, Instagram also provides marketers with an in-depth understanding of what type of content is most successful. For example, the most eye-catching colours are green, yellow, and blue. And the posts which attract the most attention either include a question, or have no question at all but provide a more in-depth description.


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