5 Amazing Podcasts for Busy Brand Managers

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Blogs. Infographics. News articles. Videos. Tweets…

The list goes on: there are hundreds of different platforms where marketers and brand lovers can get their daily dose of industry info. But what if you want a low-key, low-intensity way of absorbing the advice and expertise from the greatest minds in your profession?

Then we recommend you dabble in the following podcasts to whet your whistle. You never know - you might even get inspiration to start your own channel too.


1. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History


Okay, bear with us for one moment.

Dan Carlin’s history podcasts aren’t just for people with a passion for Khans, Crusaders and Crassus. They offer a masterclass in great storytelling - something which all brand managers should aspire to have a keen understanding of.

Despite the fact this podcast library is vast (with some episodes measuring four hours in length), Dan Carlin has also created plenty of 90 minute podcasts too. Building on an abundance of research, he succeeds in simplifying massive chapters of history into manageable bite size chunks - like this podcasts on the Mongols and American Civil War.

Interestingly, he is also acutely aware of exactly of what his audience wants - meaning that the podcast adapts to the tastes of its listeners, not the other way around.

This is a perfect podcast series for brand managers who want more than the typical digital-meets-entrepreneurial advice. Plus, his voice is glorious.


2. As Told By Nomads, Tayo Rockson


Tayo Rockson has created a fantastic podcast series for all budding entrepreneurs who want to test-drive new marketing techniques to achieve business success.


With an unrivalled understanding of the current business climate, Tayo uses his keen knowledge of social media and digital media to help organisations find new ways of cultivating customer relationships.

Recently, Tayo Rockson has also championed an initiative to celebrate and embrace our differences in the digital world - through his DBC campaign. It’s definitely worth exploring.


3. The New Business Podcast, Chris Ducker


Chris Ducker specialises in helping businesses meet the demands of remaining competitive in the 21st century.

It’s no surprise then that his podcast is filled with amazing hints, tips, and industry insights that are invaluable for brand managers who want to remain at the top of their game. Each podcast also features the expert advice from other leading business professionals, such as Noah Kagan and Joe Pulizzi.

If that wasn’t enough, Chris also regularly updates his blog to compliment his extremely popular podcast.


4. This Is Your Life, Michael Hyatt


Michael Hyatt has achieved an extremely successful career as a virtual mentor to thousands of business professionals and entrepreneurs across the world.

His podcast is equally inspirational, particularly for those who manage a team and learn the tried and tested techniques for achieving exemplary leadership skills.

Some of our recent favourites include:



We could go on. But it’s better that you just listen.


5. Accidental Creative


Accidental Creative is a treasure-trove of amazing information for all inquisitive professionals - including those who work within branding and marketing.

Founder, Todd Henry, has created podcasts on a wide range of topics: including how to boost your work performance, find the right job, and create your own culture of ongoing learning.

What’s even better is that each podcast is typically 20 minutes or under - meaning you can listen on your morning commute or during lunchtime for a quick pick-me-up.


Great podcasts for brand managers


There you have it: some of Brandit’s favourite podcasts dedicated to all things branding and business related.

This is only a minute snapshot of all the fantastic podcasts available online, but we couldn’t resist sharing our top five favourites. And we hope it inspires you to start your own podcast too.

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