5 Key Tips to Increase Productivity for Busy Marketing Managers

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Sometimes the smallest changes to your day-to-day work routine can boost your working potential. We can all improve productivity by increasing efficiency on our every day tasks, we’ve collated some simple, actionable tips with business marketing managers and small business owners in mind:


1. Manage your email subscriptions with Unroll.me

The majority of us are used to receiving a multitude of emails every day of which only a small amount are actually of interest. Unroll.me is a free tool that connects to your inbox and helps you edit your email subscriptions, deleting where appropriate. By carrying out this task, you will have a cleaner, calmer inbox and will save time sifting through spammy messages daily which interrupt your workflow and reduce productivity.

2. Google Analytics Dashboards for top-level overviews

Google Analytics provides a wealth of useful information and insights into the performance of your website and the behaviour of its visitors. For busy marketing managers, designating time to analyse the data can be time-consuming. Google Analytics Dashboards are really simple to create, customise and use. You can save a lot of time digging through irrelevant reports and data by using simple Dashboards built around the information that is important to you. For a step-by-step guide to setting up your Google Dashboards, click here.


3. Structure your day online

Here are some basic, but really useful tips to use with your online calendar:

- Set appropriate reminders for every task, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes’ notice. This means that you know when you next have a task coming up and you can wrap up what you’re doing and move on

- Create custom categories and label each of your tasks accordingly, represented by different colours. For example, you might have different categories for “Meeting”, “Events”, etc

- Set up recurrences for regular checks or tasks to make sure they aren’t missed

- Set defaults in your calendar settings, including your normal working hours and days and the default reminder time for new tasks

By clearly structuring your calendar in advance you can look back retrospectively and identify areas that need reviewing. If you are continually over-running in meetings for example, this needs to be addressed as this is eating in to other areas that need attention.


4. Outsource appropriately

Outsourcing is essential for businesses of all sizes, but is only beneficial when used properly; with the right processes outsourced to the right people. Be realistic and reasonable about your own skill set and time constraints. Make lists of all the work that needs doing and consider whether you can do it well enough for it to be a success and if you really have the time to make sure the important stuff is always done. For many marketing managers, strategising and budgeting are common strengths, while creating content and maintaining websites are not so much.

When it comes to outsourcing, make sure you choose specialists where budget permits, who tend to offer a better service than jack-of-all-trade firms. Equally, consider the services you already outsource and make sure that you’re getting the most from doing so. Could something be done better or quicker in-house? Could that outsourcing budget be better spent in another area that needs more specialist attention?


5. Invest in Digital Asset Management software

Digital asset management can enable marketers to automate the low-level, time-consuming administrative tasks associated with day-to-day brand management and instead focus on how to build their brands. Rather than dealing with manual administration tasks, such as asset searching and distribution, marketing teams can spend time on the important stuff because the team can help themselves to content straight from the platform. It allows your team to work independently and efficiently, knowing that the software securely manages your guidelines and crosses all the Ts and dots all the Is to protect your brand.

At Brandit, we’ve seen how our software has changed the working landscape for marketing and branding managers. Our clients who have implemented our digital asset management platform to automate sharing and distribution of marketing content report better marketing efficiency and higher employee productivity.

To find out more about how digital asset management will benefit you download our free e-brochure or give us a call on (0)161 228 6489 to find out how we can help you to find more time in the working day and help your brand (and career!) to flourish.


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