5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Operations’ Processes

Ensuring that your marketing operations run smoothly within the workplace is vital for collaboration, and even more so today with remote working. In this blog, we’re looking at exactly that - ways to improve your marketing operations’ processes. It’s important that teams are able to work together and understand exactly who is doing what and when. Ensuring that collaboration is running smoothly isn’t always easy to do without a little bit of help, so we have put together a list of tools and methods that can be implemented within your marketing team to ensure that processes are consistently running smoothly.

Use project management tools to improve your teams’ workflow

Project management tools are extremely important in a marketing team, for the success of projects and to ensure smoother marketing operations' processes. They enable a team to operate efficiently and keep on top of tasks - attempting to manage a team, without an effective tool is difficult and inefficient.

There are many different project management tools available out there, a popular one used by many marketing teams is Trello. Trello is easy to use and is perfect for collaboration within teams and for individual tasks. The tool is organized into lists and cards s can be moved across different lists which makes it perfect for tracking and monitoring the progress of a task. This not only improves your own teams’ workflow and task management but also helps you improve cross-department workflow and communication.

Learn more about Workflows from Trello here

Integrate Agile and Scrum Workflows into your marketing operations’ processes

Scrum, initially designed for development teams, “is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.” Scrum initially was conceived for development teams, however, its methods can be adapted for marketers to improve marketing operations’ processes.

Picture of a scrum board from trello

[Image taken from Trello's Blog Here]

Scrum helps marketing teams to digest and structure their teams’ priorities and tasks.  The agile workflow process allows users to split their tasks into shorter bursts, usually one or two weeks, these are bursts referred to as ‘Sprints’. The Sprint is the timeframe in which the team completes tasks from the backlog. As the sprint begins, cards are moved from the backlog through to completed and those that aren’t completed during the sprint will return to the backlog. After the current sprint ends, progress and how many cards completed is recorded and the team can reflect on what went well throughout the sprint and what could be improved for the next sprint -this is also referred to as ‘retrospective’. Scrum is extremely beneficial in organising a team and helps to improve your team’s efficiency within projects.

Regularly communicate with your team through Standups

Adding to the use of a project management tool such as Trello, it is also important to take some time each week to go through each team member’s tasks for the upcoming week, as part of your marketing operations’ processes.

picture of teamwork in an office

Standups are a fundamental part of the progression of a team, it allows each member of a team to have a clear understanding of completed tasks, upcoming tasks and issues that might be preventing a task from being completed. Going through these issues during a standup can help them to be solved as a team and therefore may allow the task to be completed. Spending time to go through this and offer help and support where it may be needed can be very effective in ensuring projects run smoothly. Having a clear understanding of what each team member is doing and when is also important as it gives the opportunity for tasks to be assigned to other team members if need be. Sharing upcoming tasks and potential issues are the main reasons to have a standup daily or weekly, however frequently sharing progress is also beneficial to a team as it ensures everyone is constantly involved and excited about progressions and developments. All of these things help to contribute towards the successful running of projects and campaigns.

Implement cloud storage software to avoid file loss

Marketing managers or anyone who accesses a lot of files on a frequent basis may be encountering problems such as file loss, struggling to send large files within the team and insecure digital file storage. Losing files can cause teams to waste a lot of time trying to look for the file and then having to recreate it if it has been completely lost. Digital Asset Management software allows you to keep all of your files stored securely in one place, you can tag the files with keywords making them easy to retrieve when it comes to it. This software makes life easier for marketing teams as you can share and access files whether you are in the office or not and you can also control who has access to certain files, preventing any files being accessed by people they shouldn’t.

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How Brandit Global can help improve marketing operations’ processes

Now, it would only be right if we added a quick mention to ourselves in these examples of how to run your marketing operations’ processes smoothly. In a marketing team, it can be difficult to ensure that consistency is kept amongst all brand documents and content, it can also be costly in terms of both time and money, having to rely on external sources to create these documents can be frustrating. This is where Brandit comes in with our Web to Print software. The software comes with pre-set brand templates including fonts, colours and designs, and all the team need to do is add images and text. This software helps to ensure smoother processes throughout campaigns, as in-house teams are empowered to create their own on-brand designs efficiently.

Collaboration is crucial for both operations’ and marketing teams. Using tools when working together as a team can increase efficiency and ensures that all processes run as smoothly as possible. We hope this blog post was helpful to you and your team and you find some of the tools useful if you try them out.

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