6 Unique Traits of a Successful Marketing Manager

“Marketing Manager - a person who is in charge of a marketing department or campaign.”

We’d like to dive in a little deeper than Collins Dictionary. These are 304,516 Marketing Managers in the UK (who are on Linkedin) alone. So in this blog, we’ve discussed the different types of Marketing Manager and how they all add to the cogs of a brand empire.

Behind every successful brand is a carefully constructed brand persona, that’s maintained by marketing and branding managers. We’re celebrating the disposition of marketing managers across the globe - you may even discover something about yourself.


  1. The Branding Superhero - Brand Marketing Manager

Every Marketing Manager needs to be a pioneer of their brand, but for some, it’s even moreso their speciality. The branding superhero is usually found in a senior role. They manage all outreach and communications from sales support and lead generation to ensuring the company’s website is on brand.

The Branding Superhero is the ultimate brand advocate, they know the ins and outs of the brand like no other and will spot instantly if a marketing asset is not on-brand. Branding consistency is their forte.


  1. The Data Driven Marketing Manager

Candestick graph of data

Highly organised, diligent and numbers focused - these Marketing Managers are data driven. And with 53% of organisations saying that data-driven marketing is their top strategic priority for 2016 - 2017 is expected to be very data focused. (Adobe: source) Reports and data analysis is an integral part to measuring the success and ROI of a campaign.

These managers are constantly working within their team to deliver highly successful campaigns, both on and offline to feedback to CEOs and management. When there’s an upcoming campaign, these marketers remember what did and didn’t work in previous campaigns - this information can then be used to inform future marketing decisions.

  1. The Digitally-savvy Marketing Manager

Trend analysis

With the digital explosion of Facebook nearly 12 years ago, Marketing has changed. These Marketing Managers are digitally-focused and constantly keep their eyes on the latest online marketing trends.

They coordinate with the other Marketing Managers from the brand to develop a strategy that works flawlessly across both offline and online channels. They’re hashtag savvy, keen on new SEO tactics and understand the best ways to market a brand online to hit the key KPI’s. With 66% of marketers saying that improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority for 2017, the digitally-savvy marketer is all set. (source)

  1. The Regional Marketing Manager

Long road to the Horizon

If you’re the Marketing Manager of a multi-site large scale company, you’ll sometimes find yourself travelling between different sites. They’re constantly on the road whether it’s organising interviews, press meetings or simply reaffirming the tone of voice to staff - these marketing managers want to reassure the marketing of the brand in person.

They can then feedback regional or local data to the wider marketing team to further inform decisions on marketing campaigns.


  1. The Textbook Marketing Manager

piles of textbooks

The textbook marketing manager is fully aware of all the marketing techniques used over the years. They’re very familiar with the success of other marketing campaigns and will constantly keep an eye on the competition to see if there’s any way their brand can improve upon others campaigns.

These managers may be a little more familiar with direct mail, brochures and more traditional marketing techniques. Statistics from InfoTrends via Forbes show that 56% of consumers who responded to direct mail went online or visited the physical store. What’s even more interesting is how 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase - this shows how online and offline channels need to have a consistent message if customers are using both online and offline channels.


  1. The Creative turned Marketing Manager

Two people collaboorating upon creative ideas

With an eye for design and innovation, these managers work closely with design and creative teams to ensure creative ideas are seen through. Whether it’s on or offline, these marketing managers are creatively driven and always want to push the creative boundaries and try new ideas for campaigns.


Which Marketing Manager are you?

Marketing Managers are multi-faceted and have to dip their toes in many areas of the wider world of advertising and sales. Every Marketing Manager is different for each brand. Elements of these types will be part of every successful marketing manager around the world and how each one manages a brand will be different (and we have a great blog on that here!)

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