7 Reasons Why You Need Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is one of the most important parts of your branding efforts - and for this reason it’s key that you seek and apply it across the entirety of your business.

But why is it so important?

Consistency does a multitude of things for your brand, and it can contribute to generating trust, attracting more customers and also creating a professional feel across the business on the whole.

We’re about to cover the 7 main reasons why you need brand consistency for your business, as well as the brands out there right now who are excelling in this area.

So if you’re after some branding advice, look no further!


1. Branding Conveys the Right Company Message

When it comes to building a business, it’s important that you ensure your core values are portrayed in your brand. Your brand consists of everything from your logo through to your website content, and to keep it consistent you need to make sure the same design is used, as well as the same tone of voice.

For example, if you want to portray that your business is a friendly, informal setting then it’s best to choose content and imagery for your brand that reflects this.

There are plenty of brands out there that achieve this, but one in particular is Cadbury. Their informal tone is something that’s effective across their business, and it’s reflected in their playful chocolate bar designs, unique and wacky adverts and the wacky purple in their logo.

They’ve kept this up across social media too.

Cadbury use their fun tone of voice to attract customers, and also to retain the typical expected brand consistently across all their platforms.


2. Professionalism Attracts Customers

All businesses in the long run, whether B2B or B2C, will benefit from consistent branding on a professional level.

This is because consistent branding creates a professional feel, which it can then go on to present itself to current and potential customers in the future.

Professionalism retains and attracts customers and their business - so keep this in mind when reflecting on how your brand comes across in the eyes of a consumer.


3. Branding Helps to Manage Customer Expectations

If you offer a few products in your sector, a consistent brand helps to manage the expectations of each item you offer.

For example, if you were a tool company that was known throughout the construction industry for making excellent hammers, and then you brought out a set of new screwdrivers, you’d want customers to know where this tool came from.

In other words, it’s the guys with the brilliant hammers that brought these screwdrivers out, and because people will know about your excellent hammer, they will expect the new products to be just as good, too.

Consistent branding allows for this and creates an image for your brand that can go across the entire product range. Everything branded with your signature style will by default be associated with your fantastic ‘hammers’.

That’s the power of branding for you.


4. Consistent Branding Avoids Confusion

Not only does branding allow you to manage customer expectations, it also helps to limit confusion when it comes to raising awareness for your product.

In the B2C market, consistent branding can easily lead consumers to pick up the wrong item, or perhaps lose faith in the trusted brand they’ve come to appreciate because it isn’t what they’re used to.

Consistent branding reduces the chance of this occurring, and a good example of a business keeping it consistent is the hotel chain Hotel Indigo.

The company recently underwent a brand revamp, and from this they were able to gather clear and concise brand guidelines that allowed them to keep it consistent across the entire business.

This is important, especially to a hotel chain, because there’s so many properties across their portfolio that they want to attract attention and loyalty to.

When someone has an excellent stay in one Hotel Indigo establishment, it’s important that the same brand associated with this good service is used across the whole chain to encourage re-stays in the hotel’s other properties.

This helps to encourage brand loyalty!


5. Consistency Helps to Raise Brand Awareness

When you’re a relatively unknown company trying to hit the ground running and create a name for yourself, consistent branding can certainly help.

If we stay on the case study theme of chocolate and take a look at the likes of the American brand Reese’s, who are now owned by Hershey’s, they were relatively unknown unless you had been to America and found them in shops yourself.

However, Reese’s have managed to infiltrate the UK’s shops with their Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces and Reese's Fingers, and we imagine soon there will also be plenty more items around for the nation to enjoy too.

The consistent orange brand with the yellow Reeses logo on has allowed them to carve a colorful pop on shop shelves across the UK, and their vintage Americana branding also lets the customer know exactly what they’re going to get from the brand.

It’s consistent across all the products you’ll find in stores, and we’re excited to see what Reese’s bring to our food shopping baskets next!


6. A Consistent Brand Generate Trust Between Customer and Company

As well as looking good and keep up appearances, a consistent brand also generates trust between the customer and the business/company behind it.

We’ve already touched on something similar to this when we discussed the hammer analogy, but the reason a consistent brand will help encourage sales is because faith in the original product will be passed on by default to the new offering. 

Therefore a consistent brand will help to grow profit - and this is something we’re sure you’ll be very interested in for your business indeed.


7. Consistency Creates an All-encompassing Brand Experience

You can't have consistency without branding, and you can’t have an effective brand in place without consistency.

These are two things in the brand development world that go hand in hand.

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