8 Digital Asset Management Statistics For 2020 And Beyond

In an increasingly technological world, there is growing demand for secure storage and distribution solutions for businesses and brands. Digital Asset Management is set to skyrocket in 2020 and beyond, with brands increasingly needing to organise, manage and distribute their digital assets securely.

We’ve compiled the Digital Asset Management statistics we’re most excited about in this blog post. 

The Global Digital Asset Management Market is set to grow from $1.24bn (2018) to $6.9bn by 2024. (Source)

In April 2019, Research And Markets conducted a wide-scale global report into the current state of Digital Asset Management and uncovered astonishing results. The market for Digital Asset Management is set to grow by six times its current share! One of the main reasons the report cites growth is because of the global growing usage of broadband internet, as well as an increasing number of digital advertising solutions, such as interactive store windows and digital signage. 

Businesses with well-managed, consistent brands are worth up to 20% more than those that are not. (source)

A consistent brand is just one of the many components of a successful business. So it’s no surprise to the Brandit Global team that consistent brands are worth up to 20% more than their counterparts. A brand with a consistent brand identity, story and design will resonate more over time with its audience. 

A DAM system can save a company nearly $189,000 over five years. (source

Implementing a Digital Asset Management system for your business will save you money. Whether it’s lost files, searching for any one file, or a security breach in your storage system, insecure file storage is both inefficient and costly. Digital Asset Management systems help to ensure that both you and your team can operate without this needless headache to your processes. 

By 2020, Gartner predicts 90% of consumer brands will meet bottlenecks in their handling of digital content. (source)

Digital content is being produced at an increasing rate, not only that, but the types of content being produced are diversifying. With more and more digital content being produced, it can be easy for brands to create duplicate content on topics and this, over time, increases the chances of reaching a digital bottleneck when it comes to content production.  

21% of files are not protected in any way. (source)

In an increasingly insecure world, where cybersecurity hacks are becoming more and more common, brands need to ensure that their content is stored securely. Whether insecurely stored on a computer’s desktop or on an email client, it’s integral that brands and businesses, whether large or small, store their digital files securely. 

78% of small businesses will back up their data on the cloud by 2020. (source

It’s not just large businesses and brands that are taking measures to store their assets securely - 78% of small businesses are predicted to back up their data to the cloud by 2020. Cloud-based storage solutions allow companies to store their files digitally within a secure, online server. This eliminates the need for physical storage that, more often than not, is insecure. 

41% of companies have over 1,000 sensitive folders open to everyone. (source

Privacy is an increasing concern for businesses and not only is it a brand security issue, but poor brand security has legal implications, too. Within over one-third of businesses, there are over 1,000 sensitive folders open to everyone. Files can become insecure over time for various reasons, whether due to poor password security or poor storage within a physical space. It’s integral that files remain in secure spaces for both brand and business security purposes. 

The most expensive component of a cyber attack is information loss, which represents 43% of costs. (source)

Information and data loss poses huge cost implications for companies, and even more so if such files are sensitive. Whether it’s costs to replace data or costs to cover the legal implications of data loss, these costs can be easily prevented. With a Digital Asset Management solution, businesses can help to safeguard their brands from cyberattacks and information loss. 

Convinced by these digital asset management statistics? Here's how Brandit Global can help you

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