8 Marketing Trends for 2016

With 2016 just around the corner, everyone’s talking about what’s coming next in the world of marketing - and so are we!

But what can we expect from marketing in 2016? Take a look below where you’ll find the top eight predicted marketing trends set to take off in the new year.

Who knows what you might discover...


1. New Social Advertising Avenues

When it comes to advertising on social platforms, there are already some opportunities in place. You can create Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, and much more - but there’s talk of adverts starting to pop up on the likes of Whatsapp during 2016.

Advertising on instant chats is an avenue that is so far left unexplored, so it’ll be interesting to see the effects, and the costs, of such advertising campaigns.


2. Digital Asset Management

2016 also looks to be the year where messy digital files become a thing of the past. Via the support of Digital Asset Management systems, marketing managers everywhere are getting access to a storage solution that’s changing the face of their digital assets.

You can upload your files, tag them and by keeping them all in one safe place, you can prevent the need to spend hours trawling through old files and computers looking for the correct files you need. It’s a great tool!


3. Mobile Payments

We’ve recently only just gotten used to contactless payment, but there are predictions for next year that mobile payment will finally also take off too.

With the likes of Apple Pay setting the tone for this development, we’re curious to see how it affects the marketing efforts of the big retailers out there - and whether the nation will be convinced to get their phones out at the tills.


4. Digital adverts will take over

You will more than likely have already come across video ads whilst browsing the web, but some predict that 2016 will be the year that these adverts completely take over.

By becoming the most dominant form of advertising, video ads could certainly be something we’re all more familiar with in the coming year. But what do you think? Are video ads something you’re thinking about more for the new year?


5. Virtual Reality will become a mainstream player

VR is something that we’ve been hearing a lot about recently. Whether we’re talking about the Oculus Rift which is due to come out early 2016 or another system entirely, 2016 is the year that experts predict it really will take off and become a part of our everyday lives.

How this will affect marketing, we’re still yet to see - but it’s certainly intriguing.


6. Advertising prices will also rocket

Now seemingly an annual trend, the price of advertising is set to rise once more during 2016. A big reason for this is the increase in competition - so if brands want to make a statement for their business then they’re going to have to fork out a lot more than they’re used to.

Will it put some people off? Probably not - but if you can advertise where your competition isn’t, you’re likely going to see new business regardless of the price it cost you to get there.


7. Search Engine choices are going to grow

We’re used to the likes of Google and Yahoo, but 2016 could see some new players added into the mixture of online search engines.

One such brand already working on this is Facebook - so it’ll be interesting to see whether they can take on Google when it comes to attracting people to search online using their platform instead.


8. The Internet of Things is set to rise up in 2016

Wearable technology perhaps didn’t take off so much this year as we expected it to, but 2016 is due to see a rise.

Alongside this, we can expect to see a rise in the Internet of Things. But what is this? Well the internet of things is when objects such as glasses and watches are fitted with electronic devices that can then exchange data.

This could very well change the face of advertising, especially when we consider how useful, and kind of creepy, it could be for advert targeting whilst on the move.


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