8 Secrets to Building a Successful Brand Presence on Pinterest

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For one of the most wildly popular social media sites of recent times, Pinterest sure does take some practice to get the hang of in order to expand your brand’s presence.

But fear not, there are certain techniques to attract more attention and interaction with your brand’s pages, and we’re here to give you the lowdown.


Don’t just pin your own products!

Tempting as it is to simply pin your own products and be done with it, doing so will only generate interest to a certain extent. Pinners like boards that can be constantly updated with exciting new ideas and content, and Lowe’s home improvement brand have nailed this technique with their Build It! board.

As Lowe’s sell tools and appliances that do not necessarily lend themselves well to this visual platform, this board regularly pins stunning DIY projects that can be made with the products sold in store.

By doing this, Lowe’s inspires potential customers and gives them project ideas while simultaneously suggesting their own supplies as a means to achieve their DIY goals. This also showcases the efforts of their customers in their projects, creating a connection.

It is still a good idea to occasionally pin examples of your own products so followers are aware of your brand’s range. However, remember to always caption pinned products with a price tag! Pinners love to know whether products are in their price range, and this also allows you to inform followers if an item has gone on sale by captioning the pin to say so.


Get in on the animal love

Many Pinterest users cannot resist creating a “cute animal” board to collect all the adorable images of little creatures, and it would be extremely beneficial for a brand to use this to their advantage.

Sony have mastered this with their board full of animals interacting with Sony products, such as a lizard posing as if playing on a PlayStation, and tiny kittens and puppies lying on Sony laptops. Creative animal centred pins are very likely to take off on this platform, so get Fluffy the cat photoshoot ready and get brainstorming!


Pin content relevant content from customers

Interaction and promotion of customers using your products is a great way to involve customers in your brand and improve its image. Sephora used this technique in creating a board of nail art designs from the Sephora community, and this allowed them to empower and help get followers for their customers as well as promoting their own products.


Go behind the scenes

Any brand can give itself a boost by letting its customers get to know the people running it and the work they are doing.

Ben and Jerry’s made a good example of this, by pinning “the people behind the pints” to describe their hard workers, as well as a history board illustrating the growth of the ice cream company and the lives of its founders. Giving Pinterest followers the opportunity to get to know your workers will make your brand seem more human and will help improve your brand image.


Play to customer’s interests and hobbies

As you will be well aware of your brand’s target demographic, you will probably be able to make a good guess as to their likely interests and hobbies. This will allow you to target what the customers want and pin content they will likely have an interest in.

Whole Foods for example knows that its customers are usually health and exercise conscious, so they pin healthy recipes, dream kitchens, exotic holidays and motivational exercise and healthy living quotes.


Keep it well organised

If your brand is going to be pinning lots of content a day (again, a good strategy for increasing your brand’s reach!) it is essential that your Pinterest page has well defined boards with only content that is relevant to that board.

For example, wedding planning is exceptionally popular on Pinterest, and if you’re going to be pinning a lot of wedding inspiration you’re going to want to be specific. That is, separate boards for dresses, hair, venues, flowers; there is plenty of content out there, so don’t be stingy with creating board categories!

The more your brand pins relevant content, the more likely it is that potential customers will come across it.


Get topical

The final technique is for your brand to stay on the ball and pin topical content. Holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or Halloween are the perfect occasion to be creative and show customers what your brand is doing to mark the event, which can be as simple as dressing up in the office or baking themed cakes!

Pinterest is a brilliant platform for your brand to let its creative side show. The benefits of regularly updated and content filled boards are that it allows you to create a better connection with your existing customers and potentially reach new customers. 

Happy pinning! If you want to learn more about the latest hints and tips about social media branding, follow us on Twitter @BranditGlobal and say hi!

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