Every year brands are refreshed, swapped and changed to keep up with the demand and tastes of the world’s population.

And although some do sometimes find it difficult to survive in an ever-changing marketing, there are occasionally some rebrands that are so wonderful and epic that everyone ends up talking about them.

We’ve scoured around and come up with the best rebrands of 2016. So take a look below and enjoy your journey through the present state of branding this year!



Earlier this year, you may have noticed that Morrisons have a brand new logo.

They have kept with their original colours, but now the little ‘i’ has a tree above the top of it, and we think it's a great way to reflect precisely what the Morrisons brand is all about. 

This UK supermarket giant also has a new stance that Morrison’s ‘Makes It,’ and it’s a delightful tribute to fresh supermarket food.

The rebrand is expected to be rolled out entirely by the end of 2019, so it will certainly be interesting to see what effect this has on the Stores around the UK.

What we love most about this rebrand is that it’s true to the heart of this supermarket chain. They pride themselves on fresh food and this shines through in every way from the colour choices through to their new logo.



Another brand that’s taken their logo to new heights is Instagram.

You may be aware of the old blue logo that looked to be an image of a camera. Now, the rebrand has seen a lot more colour infused into their logo with below rather warming tones.


We feel this is a very summery look for the brand, and we’re intrigued to see where they take their brand story next.

We do love the choice of colours that the brand went with, and it’s nice to see Instagram straying away from other brands with similar colours such as both Twitter and Facebook and their usual blue colours. 

Instagram are making a stand and differentiating themselves from everyone else!



You may or may not be aware that the brand Co-Op has also undergone a new makeover this year.

Their old original logo was based on a clover leaf, and now they have taken the name of their business and designed it so that it throws back to the clover leaf of the past.

Take a look below!

This logo is used across their food, banks, and the other branches, and we really love the way it has connotations of good luck and fortunes ahead.

It's also nice that Co-op are paying tribute to logos gone by. Everyone seems to be in awe of nostalgia in recent years, and this is a wonderful way to reflect that.


Sky Movies

Finally another brand this year that’s taking on a new direction is Sky Movies. Now known as Sky Cinema, their main aim is to keep up with competitors such as Netflix by taking on a new look and introducing new features and services.

Along with the new rebrand, customers can expect to see higher quality movies in the near future - you may have noticed an upwards trend of on-demand movies already if you have access to the services.

This rebrand has been in response to a changing market, and we applaud Sky for taking initiative and avoiding the dreaded fate of being left behind by their competition.

You can even see above that they're promising a new film premiere every day!


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