Better Leisure Centres Grow Their Brandit Web To Print Presence For 2017

It’s been a busy start to the year here at Brandit Global.

Our current clients have already added a range of new workspaces/locations to our web to print platform so that they can create on brand artwork with ease across the country - and one portfolio that’s growing quickly on Brandit is Better Leisure Centres.

Take a look below to find out more about their Brandit expansion, and discover why they keep increasing their web 2 publish presence year after year.


Better Leisure & Brandit Global

Better Leisure manage around 250 leisure centres across the UK from the Midlands to Northern Ireland, providing gym facilities on a nationwide scale.

With an ever-growing leisure portfolio, it’s vital that Better have a system in place that allows them to administer a consistent brand presence around the country - which is where we come in.

After adopting our web to print software, Brandit, each Better Leisure centre nationwide can now create a variety of consistent, on brand collateral such as A4 posters and leaflets, each using bespoke templates designed by us.  

There are currently around 329 Better Leisure users making the most of Brandit within their individual centres, and already 5285 documents have been created. We can’t wait to bring more templates into the mix and provide the brand with the best web to print platform possible for their needs. 


Better Expansions

Better has seen a huge growth over the past 6 months. The brand have been expanding their collection of leisure facilities throughout the country to include brand new areas such as Cornwall, South Lake District, Cardiff and also Somerset.

Each new leisure space opening requires a new centre to be added onto Brandit, so we’ve been working at making this happen. And whilst we’ve been helping to preserve their brand consistency, Better have been improving leisure facilities and accessibility for people local to their new leisure centres.

They’re promising to develop ‘unparalleled’ career opportunities in one of their key areas, Cornwall, as well as increasing gym membership options and boosting swim school membership according to a local news website

But it’s not just all about sports and fitness. Better provide a range of leisure pastimes at their centres including:

  • Gymnastic Lessons

  • Drama Classes

  • Gym Workouts

  • Swimming

  • Personal Training

  • Arts and Crafts

  • And much more…

It’s clear that the brand bring a new lease of life to activities available to locals in areas they launch in, and that they bring benefits to the local peoples.


How do the Better Leisure team find the Brandit Global experience?

We’re not so much about blowing our own trumpet here at Brandit. We’re more interested in letting our customers do the talking for us. That’s why you’ll find customer testimonials throughout our website from some of the biggest brands around including the Radisson and City & Guilds.

We thought we’d also take a moment catch up with some users at Better Leisure and discover how they find working with our web to print platform.


Gareth Mason - Marketing Communications Executive

‘Brandit has freed up a large amount of our art working time that we spent doing every day requests. This has allowed us to focus on more business critical jobs. The Brandit process is extremely simple to use and although we have video demonstrations on the site, these are often not needed as the system is very intuitive to use.’


Alexa Chilton - Marketing Executive at Better Leisure

‘While working for a gym group in South Africa, I had always thought how great it would be if there was a platform which would allow my centres to create their own marketing collateral. A lot of the time the centres would ask for a simple change in price or message and I would have to use my advertising agencies time to make the smallest of changes (which could take 7 – 10 days for them to do). I subsequently moved to the UK and started working for GLL in Jan 2017. To my delight, I found out that their leisure centres use Brandit to do this exact task. The centre managers can log online, choose their choice of medium (flyer, poster, eco-roller banner), update images and content through various templates available, and send straight to the printers once approved on my side. Turnaround time is quick and centres can market quickly. A definite win for my centres and a win for me.’

Better enjoy creating on-brand marketing collateral in manner that is quick and efficient. We’re more than happy that our platform has allowed for less time to be spent creating marketing materials, and making tiny changes via agencies, and more time spent focussing on building memberships at centres and spreading the word amongst local communities.

And we can make the same happen for your global company, too!


Brandit Global - The Web to Print Solution

If you think your nationwide business needs to take control of your brand - and think Brandit Global could be the platform you need to do this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our web to print solution is utilised by brands like City & Guilds and the Crowne Plaza. So why not see what all the fuss is about and request a free, no-strings-attached screen demo below? Simply fill in the form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time that works for you.


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We just let our clients do the talking for us.
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