A rebrand is always a challenge. But much like running a marathon, the elevated feeling you get at the end is more than worth the hard work required.

If you get it right, a rebrand can signify a new shift in your business, leading to new business, more revenue and a bigger workforce.

But to get a rebrand right, you’re going to need a little support - and that is where Brand Asset Management Systems can help.

You’ve probably got a few questions. Perhaps you’re wondering what Brand Asset Management (BAM) actually is, or maybe you know and are wondering what it’s got to do with a rebrand.

We’ve got all the answers below about brand asset management systems and the what and why to use them.

What are Brand Asset Management systems?

Brand Asset Management systems can refer to a few things, but when it comes down to it, you’re likely to find web to print software and a digital asset management platform closely following behind.

Right now, both of these may just be jargony keywords to you, but let us explain a little more.

Web to print software offers a platform for you to design your own branding and marketing materials in-house by using templates - and because you can lock down elements you can rest assured that your new rebrand will be protected.

So now you know what w2p is, you’re probably back to thinking about digital asset management. Well, a DAM system is another life saver for those undergoing a rebrand.

A DAM system is used to organise your digital assets, so all those new logos, images and digital files that are a huge part of your rebrand can be stored together on the cloud. This means you’ll never lose another digital file again - and finding them once more will be incredibly easy.

So how can these platforms both support your rebrand even further? 

How can web 2 print software support a rebrand?

We’ve already explained what a web to print system can actually do, and when it comes to rebranding there are a multitude of ways that they can support your business. 

1. Reduces errors

With a web to print platform, you can decide what elements are locked down on your templates and what are interchangeable. This means that you can trust your employees to design collateral and get it right. This is also further supported by the approval process. Nothing is printed or published without going through the process you set in place first. And if you’re in charge of approving work but are super busy, you can pass the responsibility on to someone else you also trust.

2. It works online

Because this platform works online, it can be adopted and used all over the world. This will help keep your worldwide branding on point, demonstrating a professional feel for consumers who will be able to recognise you no matter where they are. This will help encourage loyal customers too, so don’t underestimate the importance of it.

3. It improves brand consistency

One of the hardest parts of rolling out a rebrand is ensuring that everything stays on brand. If someone doesn’t have the correct logo, you may find yourself looking at the old one, or perhaps one that’s a slightly different shade of blue than what it should be. This is frustrating, but it can be put to bed with a w2p system. This is because with a w2p system you can decide what elements are made available to employees. This will prevent anyone from using the wrong ones, allowing you to rest easy and focus on other parts of the branding process.

4. It comes with real-time reporting

To really ensure your employees are on brand with your new w2p software, you can download real-time reports. This will allow you to see how many types of documents are being made and where they’re being made too. To find out more about our analytics take a look at our helpful guide here.

By using the W2P analytics you can see who's on board with your rebrand and who needs a little more convincing.

In short, your marketing and branding departments will undoubtedly be on track with web to print software!

How can digital asset management support a rebrand?

The hardest part of any rebrand is replacing all your old branded materials with new ones. This is especially true if you operate on a global scale.

How can you be sure that employees in Boston are using the same assets that those in Manchester are using?

It’s a time-consuming task that means you have to waste hours keeping an eye on everyone else instead of doing your job.

DAM and brand asset management systems put an end to this.  

1. Global access is easy

Because our DAM platform works on the cloud, you can give anyone access instantly. This means all you need is an internet connection to get a hold of that new brand logo. It’s as simple as that.

2. You can control what assets are available

Want to make sure people only use the new rebranded assets? Then all you need to do is make them the only ones that are available. This will mean there’s no way old assets can get involved, making your life a lot simpler!

3. Different offices can access different things

Only doing a rebrand in the US but want your European brand to stay the same? You can control which offices get access to what files on your DAM system, ensuring there’s no crossover.

4. You can tag files with keywords

Finding your new rebranded assets has never been easier. This is because all you need to do is tag them with keywords so that your staff can find them as easily as possible. Gone are the hours spent trawling looking for assets - they’ll be right at your fingertips whenever you need them!

Intrigued to find out more?

Whether you’re going through a rebrand or simply want some more support with your current brand, both our web to print and brand asset management systems are useful ways to do this.

To find out more about what our platforms entail why not give us a call on 0161 228 6489 or download our free eBrochure. We also do demos via screen shares if you’re intrigued to see how Brandit or Storeit could work for you!


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