Brand Managers - What Are The Benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS)?

There’s a lot of jargon surrounding digital asset management (DAM), and occasionally the terminology can be intimidating and evoke unnecessary feelings of apathy towards the huge benefits that DAM can provide.

All of the benefits of Software as a Service, or SaaS for short, relate to the fundamental ‘issues’ that brand managers face on a day to day basis.

How to get costs down? 
How to ensure absolute brand consistency?
How to better manage employee’s time?
How to implement flexible working?
How to easily control the creation of artwork and marketing collateral?

SaaS is a term that crops up often because it’s the most common service delivery model for DAM. SaaS circumnavigates a company’s need to buy, build and (very importantly) maintain IT infrastructures. The only infrastructure that has to be in place to support SaaS is broadband connectivity.

Already, you can see where costs can be cut. SaaS is maintained by its creator (as we maintain Brandit Global) and runs in a cloud.

With SaaS you buy only what you need, on a subscription basis, and you don’t need to purchase the hardware to run it. The provider of your SaaS is responsible for its upgrade and security and every upgrade should be at no extra cost to you. You can rest assured that there will be no complex and time-consuming software upgrading as it should always be part of your subscription. Your staff are freed up to work on other IT projects and get on with the ‘big stuff’.

SaaS can be customised according to your business requirements. The Brandit Global team create ‘made to measure’ templates in order to allow users to amend artwork according to their requirements (location, purpose, date etc). SaaS can be scaled according to your requirements, paying for something that you and your employees simply do not need or use is rendered unnecessary.

SaaS is flexible. It’s hosted in the cloud and accessible via the internet, so users can access it in any location. Your employees are able to work from home and will never require access to the company server, just a broadband connection – and they’re off!

SaaS provides the perfect alternative to buying, building and maintaining a complex internal infrastructure which is a method that is becoming more and more unnecessary and outdated, while SaaS has flourished incomparably.

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