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Brandit Global consists of Brandit, our web to print software, and Storeit, our digital asset management system. 

Below we've gathered together some of the common frequently asked questions raised by you, our valued customers. Take a look below and see if you can find the answers you're looking for. 

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How does Brandit Global work with our internal IT systems?

Brandit Global is a cloud-based software solution and so works completely independently of your internal IT systems. Images are served via Amazon Web Services meaning that they’re served locally to the client, anywhere in the world.


Can I use your digital asset management (Storeit) and web to print platform (Brandit) together?

Yes, Brandit and Storeit can work separately or seamlessly integrate together. Images and photography stored within Storeit can be made available within Brandit, so that you can then use them in your marketing materials.


How do users access the Brandit Global platform?

Brandit Global is accessed via a web browser. If your organisation uses single sign-on (SSO), then Brandit Global can also use the same protocol. Alternatively, separate login credentials can also be used.


Can I use the technology provided by Brandit Global on my website to provide web to print and digital media libraries for page visitors?

Many clients use the technology behind the Brandit Global application on their website, including organisations such as They use it to enable website visitors to enter fields to create print ready calendars and personalise their products.


What training and support is available?

Support is offered via our support centre and can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. Training is delivered in a number of ways from face-to-face training to video demos and tool tips.


What types of user can use Brandit?

Anyone that has access to the internet can use Brandit. Advanced web and/or design skills are not needed.


How can I give outlets & offices the ability to create on brand marketing materials?

Within Brandit, workspaces can be created to suit your needs. For example, an outlet may own a workspace. This means that anyone enabled to use Brandit within the outlet can collaborate together.


How does Brandit fit with our current print processes?

Brandit is completely independent of the print process and so you determine how the print process works. For example, you can enable different templates to be sent to different printers, or allow artwork to be sent to a printer of the user's choice.


Can I retain different levels of approval process?

Yes, you can do this by assigning different roles to users. You may also decide that some templates need approval whilst others don’t. Brandit is incredibly flexible in this way.


How does Brandit help to keep control of the brand?

Brandit enables you to keep complete control of the brand by helping you to determine who uses Brandit, their roles & permissions, and also the materials that are available. Everything can be changed at the touch of a button to suit the needs of your business, which helps to keep your
administrator in complete control.


How can I determine roles within Brandit?

Every user is assigned a role that’s dependent on whether they can edit templates within their workspace or approve them.


Some user groups will want to share and collaborate - how can this be managed?

Each user is assigned to a workspace and anyone within that workspace can work together. You may also wish for a user to have access to a number of workspaces, for example, an area manager. Brandit can also provide this option.


How does the Brandit Global platform help me to manage my brand?

The Brandit Global platform enables you to control your brand without having to firefight brand inconsistencies day to day. You have complete control via the administration portal as to who does what and what they can see. Plus, everything is automated.

What type of control does the platform give me?

Complete control of brand communications including the availability of digital assets, as well as the consistency of all marketing communications across your network.


How does reporting and analytics work for Brandit?

Within the administration portal, you can view real-time reports that give you complete visibility of your organisation's use of Brandit.


How do I manage users?

Within the administration portal, you can manage the roles and permissions assigned to each user.


What if templates become obsolete?

You can publish and unpublish templates at the touch of a button.



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