Brandit Global's Best Brands of 2015

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2015 has certainly been an exciting year for brands, and there are that have gone above and beyond the rest to make a big statement.

However, there are five out there that have caught our eye - and we're paying tribute to them in our final top five brands of the year! 

Feel free to explore below and let us know your thoughts!



Discount shops have always been popular with some shoppers out there, but 2015 certainly saw Aldi's popularity grow and stride away from the competition.

With a strong social media presence on the likes of Twitter, and a Christmas campaign that’s impressed us time and time again (we’re talking about their social media advent calendars and also the ripping off the John Lewis advert), we have to say we’re impressed.

We’re not surprised, though. Adverts are one of Aldi’s strong points, after all. Remeber gin loving Jean

Aldi have managed to make their brand relatable to and very fun, and we won’t be surprised if it’s one that continues to flourish into 2016 too!



As one the greatest fictional universes in the world, Marvel have had another amazing year in 2015.

The Avengers Age of Ultron was the second highest grossing film of the year, and Marvel have also pushed out AntMan and the Fantastic Four, both of which managed to gross impressive sums.

But Marvel didn’t stopped there. Not only did they announce an endless stream of films to be released leading up to the year 2020, they also produced numerous television shows all based in the Marvel Universe including Agents of Shield, The Flash and Jessica Jones.

And that’s without mentioning the fact that they’ve been publishing the usual comics and merchandise out throughout the year too.

Marvel is an ever-expanding world of entertainment and they never seem to fail to impress. We love you, Marvel!



Many people have long feared whether Facebook is going to fall out of fashion soon, but the brand isn't giving up without a fight.

First and foremost, Facebook has introduced live streaming this year that is only open to celebrity accounts. People to make use of it include Ricky Gervais and Busted, and it’s a fantastic way for fans to connect with some of their icons.

As well as this, Facebook has also created a quick way to change your profile picture to show your support for something you feel passionate about. Whether it’s showing support for Paris or declaring support for your favourite football team - Facebook is doing its best to come up with new ways to keep site visitors interested.

Facebook also launched Facebook for Business recently - which is a great tool for any brand using the service. It’s full of hints, tips and analytics that will help you take your Facebook marketing above and beyond - and we think it’s great!


Harry Potter

The final Harry Potter book was released in 2007, and the final film hit our screens in 2011, but 2015 has certainly seen the franchise spring back to life.

First and foremost, a new film is currently being filmed in Liverpool/America starring Eddie Redmayne.

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, a stage show based around future Harry, Ron and Hermione and their children is set to hit the West End in London next year.

Tickets for the play sold out in less than an hour after release, and even more were then put on sale taking the bookings up to 2017. Impressive indeed.

As well as this, the online forum for Harry Potter fans, Pottermore, was also redesigned - and new beautifully illustrated versions of the books were also released.

Finally, the Harry Potter expansion at Universal Studios Hollywood, California is set to open next year.

It was certainly a busy year for the boy wizard, and what we love the most about this brand is that its popularity never seems to die. Harry Potter has well and truly settled itself into the hearts and minds of the entire world.



2015 has definitely been the year that Warburtons have risen up and taken their brand to a whole new level.

Towards the beginning of the year, you may recall the adverts they released featuring none other than famous movie star Sylvester Stallone. It was a striking advert that subverted the expectations of the audience and made people really stand up and say ‘wow!’ We won't be surprised if it makes some of those advert of the year countdowns that always air at this time of year!

Their second advert of the year featured the Muppets, who have just received their own television show, and we have to say we love it. (It’s also been announced by The Telegraph that this has been voted the advert of the year for 2015) Impressive!

Take a look at it here:


Of course, the Muppets are advertising giant crumpets, and this is an ad campaign that has also spread online to the likes of social media. They are currently encouraging the nation to post their crumpet experiments for scientist muppets Bunsen and Beaker. It’s a wonderful campaign that has clearly delighted crumpet lovers across the country.


2015's best brands to 2016

We hope you've enjoyed looking at our favourite brands of the year. Feel free to join in and let us know if there are any brands you feel deserve a shout out on Twitter.

But for now, we look forwards to 2016 and wait with anticipation to see which great brands steal the show in the new year!


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