A Day in the Life of an Artworker at Brandit Global

The Brandit Global team keep Brandit alive. We provide a brand asset management system that empowers teams across the world to create on-brand assets with just a few clicks - no design experience required!

We recently interviewed one of our Artworkers, Matt, to learn the ins and outs of his role here at Brandit Global. Learn more about the powerhouses behind Brandit Global:

1. What is your role at Brandit Global?

I’m the Technical Artwork Director here at Brandit Global. I facilitate the creation of artwork and collateral for brands to use for their web-to-print templates.


2. Can you explain what web-to-print is exactly?

Web-to-print software allows teams with very little or no design experience to create branded collateral on behalf of their company. Web-to-print software allows you and your team to create marketing materials easily through customised, preset templates for your company. You can find out more about this here.


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We take client’s artwork, their logo or slogan, for example,  and we turn it into a wireframe document. Wireframe documents allow us to create structure for brand collateral. This includes anything from posters, to social media graphics, leaflets and website banners. Basically all brand and marketing materials.  We take a client’s requirement, create a template, and then break it into different zones and areas, some of which are editable, some which are fixed. Images, text, banners and logos are all pre-set in the same positions with the same dimensions, allowing no room for error by in-house teams working on brand collateral that needs to be consistent.


3. Who can use Brandit Global software?

Our web-to-print software is designed fully in the mindset of someone with very little or no graphic design experience. It allows people with limited very little design skills to go into a library of templates so they can create marketing collateral easily.

Teams within multi-site corporations can only see the templates relevant to their site as well. We can prefigure who has access to all templates, allowing little room for error and complete control from the Marketing Manager’s perspective.


4. What can a Brandit global template consist of?

All of our templates are preconfigured by our team here at Brandit Global. We create templates that come fully configured with fonts, logos, images and collateral. This allows you to maintain branding consistency across all your marketing collateral. You can see an example of our web to print software working with Better Leisure Centres below.

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5. What’s the process from template to publish?

The process is simple. We receive client’s previously made artwork, we then turn it into a wireframe document (the basis of a template) that is confirmed with the client pre to being made live. We then create a template, with on-brand fonts and colours, which we provide for the team. The marketing manager of the organisation has complete control over the artwork that is then created, because it has all been approved beforehand.

With Brandit Global, this whole process can be approved by brand and marketing managers at the click of a button, meaning brand collateral can be created at pace, minimising the need for a ‘middle man’ designer.

We have a handy video on this process itself here.


6. What do you enjoy most about working at Brandit Global?

The challenge and sense of achievement when the task is completed.


7. What’s the biggest advantage for brands working with web-to-print software?

One of the biggest advantages I see of working with web-to-print software is that it allows full personalisation. For example, a site in Brixton, London may have a completely different target demographic to a site in Cardiff.

You can customise marketing collateral for each site of a company according to whom you are targeting in a campaign, you can change text, language and images in your preset templates to target who you want to.


8. What makes Brandit a cut above competitors?

We can guarantee colour consistency, our colour conversion accuracy is 100%. We can guarantee colour consistency for both web and print seamlessly. We can match a CMYK colour to RGB automatically - this allows for seamless colour consistency.


9. Where do you see the future of web-to-print?

I personally see Brandit becoming a desktop application with fully scaleable assets and snap to place assets in templates


10. Brandit Global in 3 words

Building Marketer’s collateral.


Curious to learn more about Brandit Global?

If our interview with Matt has sparked your interest in Brandit Global’s software, we’ve got a few blogs that may peak your interest…

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