Digital Asset Management in Manufacturing: The Cloud Storage Solution

The manufacturing sector historically hasn’t been the quickest at adopting new digital technologies, and Digital Asset Management is no exception. However, Digital Asset Management in manufacturing is growing and more and more companies are adopting this new cloud-based storage solution. 

Find out more about Digital Asset Management in Manufacturing in our complete guide to digital asset management here.

Why should the manufacturing sector adopt cloud-based Digital Asset Management? 

Manufacturers need to deliver quality products consistently and efficiently - adopting new digital technologies, such as digital asset management, is essential in ensuring that operations can run as smoothly as possible. Day to day, manufacturers produce an extraordinary amount of data. Whether it be machinery records, employee records, or supplier records. Most, if not all, actions within a manufacturing plant or factory need to be recorded, whether it’s related to quality control, engineering or health and safety departments. It’s therefore important, if not essential, that manufacturers adopt secure, cloud-based storage solutions to store and distribute this data. 

In short, cloud-based, Digital Asset Management in Manufacturing increases efficiency within operations, improves communication between teams, and keeps data secure and safe within plants and factories. Read on more below on how DAM can benefit the manufacturing industry, both from an operations perspective and a marketing one. 

Digital Asset Management in Manufacturing


How DAM benefits operations within manufacturing plants and factories

Improving operations within the manufacturing industry is critical in an increasingly digital world. Here are a few of the different ways in which operations can be improved by implementing a digital asset management system.

DAM improves communication between and within manufacturing teams 

Creating and keeping records are integral to manufacturers. When machinery breaks, R&D departments require additional testing of new products, or healthy and safety teams need to test new machinery, every issue that occurs within a manufacturing plant needs to be recorded and shared easily to the right teams. 

Digital Asset Management in Manufacturing allows internal teams to share data easily and efficiently. Teams can easily upload, tag and share content with the correct teams in a secure, cloud-storage solution. Communication can subsequently be improved greatly by implementing a DAM system that allows teams to share data easily and efficiently with the correct department or team member. 

DAM ensures data remains easily accessible at all times

Different departments and different teams can have different ways of sharing data as and when it’s needed. From email trails to WeTransfer files, there can often be several ways within organisations that users share their data and files. Over time, this makes it more difficult for teams to access certain files as and when they need them. 

Implementing Digital Asset Management in Manufacturing ensures that data and assets remain all in one space across an organisation. Users can simply search for their desired asset at ease, and share it with whoever needs it at any point. 

DAM ensures data remains secure and safe

Documents, files and assets need to remain secure and safe within an organisation, especially if it has legal implications. By adopting one centralised storage solution, manufacturers can greatly reduce the chance of security breaches and hacks impacting their data. 

DAM allows your data to be securely accessed 365-days a year, across multiple devices 

Different teams within the manufacturing industry will work at different times and days. This can pose a few operational issues if data is stored inconsistently. With one centralised cloud-storage solution, internal teams can efficiently access data as and when they need it, 365-days a year. 


FAQ Digital Asset Management in Manufacturing - Operations’ Teams

“How easy is a Digital Asset Management system to set up for my business and team?”

Our Digital Asset Management system, Storeit, is super easy to set up for manufacturing businesses. We work with internal manufacturing teams to ensure that they can get the most out of the system as possible. 


“What type of files can I store?”

Any type of digital file can be stored on Storeit. (We haven’t come across a digital file we can’t store) From PDFs to drone footage to word documents and images, users and teams can easily store any type of file within Storeit, once created. 

“I’m concerned about data security within my marketing operations. How can I ensure that my marketing materials are secure?”

Digital Asset Management ensures that your marketing materials remain safe and secure. You can set user permissions for certain materials if needed. Your assets remain all safely and secure in one centralised location, regardless of a security breach in emails.

“How does the system work?”

We have a handy video here that will help you here to understand how Storeit works. 

What is Storeit? And how can it help the manufacturing industry? 

In an increasingly digital world, the demands of the manufacturing industry are only increasing. Faster time to market, more ability to customise products, and an increase in competition all mean that the manufacturing industry needs to compete digitally. Storeit, our digital asset management solution, can help bring calm to the chaotic world of file management and help manufacturers embrace the world of digital transformation.

Storeit is our cloud-storage, digital asset management solution perfect for the manufacturing industry. Whether it’s photography, video, JPEGS, PDFs or word documents, our storage solution allows manufacturers to store, tag and share their marketing materials at ease, securely and efficiently. Store all of your digital files in one organised, central system with Storeit. 

For more information on our DAM system, please book a free demo below. 

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