The Golden Rules of Brand Consistency

To have an effective brand on a global or national scale it has to be consistent - there’s no two ways about it. But in order to achieve effective brand consistency there are some hard and fast golden rules that all brand managers should adhere too.

But what are they?

Well, that’s exactly what this blog’s all about. So if you’re interested in refining your brand’s consistency you’ve most certainly landed in the correct place.


1. Establish your tone of voice - and stick to it

One of the most important parts of brand consistency is keeping all areas of your brand, well, consistent. This is also true when it comes to tone of voice. If you have a fun, bubbly persona for your company it’s important that you keep it consistent whether you’re writing content for your website or sending out a leaflet.


2. Make sure all your logos compliment one another

When you start with one product and one logo, it’s relatively easy to keep the same logo in circulation. However, it’s when the company expands and new products and logos are added that this can become problematic. Different logo designers and even the slightest change of colour and shape can stick out like a sore thumb. So keep an eye on it and refine any inconsistencies as soon as you can to avoid them getting out of control.


3. Organise your digital assets

One way to stop old logos and images being used across branding collateral is to organise your digital assets. This isn’t easily done - especially if there have been a wide range of people involved in collating these images and designs together (some of which might not even work for your company anymore).

One of the most effective ways to ensure only the latest digital assets are used is to use a digital asset management system. Images can all be uploaded and organised with tags, making them easier than ever to find. You can also control who has access, meaning you’re not going to struggle to find things that people have gone in and moved around without permission.


4. Use the same programme to create your branded materials

If you don’t outsource your branding, it’s important to make sure that those who have the power to do it in-house use the same software each and every time.

An effective piece of web to print software can do this job for you, and by using templates you can be sure that any design will be within the company’s brand guidelines.

As well as this, good web to print software platforms will remember typical colours and fonts that your company uses. This reduces the chance of printing errors, and it makes sure consistency is something that’s easily achievable in a short amount of time with minimal effort.


5. Develop brand guidelines

To really make sure that your brand is on point, you need to give any employee working on it effective guidelines. It’s also important to remember that these guidelines need to be engaging and user friendly, otherwise employees are just going to put them to one side and forget about them.

Cover everything from colours, tone of voice, logos, images and more to make sure there is no doubt at all around the kind of persona your brand is portraying - and then you can watch brand consistency become part of your company with ease.


6. Always review collateral before it’s sent to print

If you’re going to leave others in charge of creating and printing branded materials, and if you sometimes get too busy to approve these, you’re inevitably going to end up wasting both money and time for everyone.

You’ll end up re-doing the work and the money spent printing it might as well have been thrown out of the window.

But web to print software will put an end to this.

As this piece of software requires all branding collateral made to be reviewed before it can be sent to print, you have total control of what goes out, and can also suggest any changes. As well as this, you can delegate this responsibility if you’re busy - meaning that branding materials get made and approved quickly and correctly.


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