How Can I Guarantee Brand Consistency?

Keeping your brand consistent can be hard work, and this is especially true if your business operates on a global scale. So how on Earth can you guarantee brand consistency in a way that’s both simple and cost effective?

It’s a question we hear brand and marketing managers ask time and time again - and we’ve got an answer!

Our brand asset management system and web to print software are the perfect solutions that will enable you to produce branding collateral quickly and professionally - saving you time and money.

Sound good?

We thought so!

Let’s take a closer look.

How Can I Guarantee Brand Consistency With a Brand Asset Management System?


Our Brandit brand asset management system comes combined with web to print software, and with both of these you are already leaps and bounds closer to a future brimming with endless brand consistency!

But why is brand asset management so useful for brand consistency?


1. Control

As your business grows, you’re going to have to delegate branding duties. However, this can easily lead to inconsistent branding across your company - and this looks unprofessional and untidy.

By controlling who can access your brand asset management system (BAM), you retain a better control of who produces collateral. And because your BAM system comes with ready made templates you will generate brand consistency by default.

No longer will you need to trace incorrect collateral designs back to their source. Only those you want will be able to access your BAM system and produce materials, and they will also need to send their designs for approval before they are printed.

If you want to change anything you’ve been asked to approve, all you need to do is send them a quick message back with your instructions. Before you know it you’ve got more power over your brand collateral than you’ve ever had before - and if you’re busy one day and don’t have time for approval, you can pass it on to another delegated user you trust to check it for you.


2. Templates

We touched on the templates in the section above, but how do they work?

When it comes to creating collateral on Brandit there will be templates available specifically designed to suit your brand. This means that the same layout will be used across each piece of collateral your business produces whether it’s a poster or a business card.

In short, no matter who is doing the work or where and when it’s produced, there will be a consistency that you’ll be hard pressed to achieve without an amazing BAM software package.


3. Digital Asset Management

When it comes to brand asset management, digital asset management (DAM) can revolutionise your branding experience even further.

DAM software allows your to organise, tag and keep all your digital files in one place that’s secure and easy to access. This means you will no longer need to search through servers to locate correct images for any branding materials produced - they’ll all be there and easy to find no matter what.


4. The Cloud

One of the great things about brand asset management software is the scope it has to assist every area of your business with their branding no matter where they are located.

Because the software works online via the cloud, all you need is internet access to get it all up and running. Anyone you grant access to can jump onto the software whether they’re in Beijing or New York - and then they can go on to create some spectacular materials for your brand.


5. Brand Guidelines

When it comes to consistency, brand guidelines are king.

They tell users exactly what colours should be used, which tone of voice style is relevant, and they also ensure that employees have an excellent understand of the brand values of your company.

You can access brand guidelines from your brand asset management software, meaning staff will know precisely the exact tone and style they need to aim for.

As well as this, the software will remember previous colours and font selections, which ensures the next time you produce any collateral it will be even quicker and easier than it was the first time!


Brand Consistency

Producing brand collateral doesn’t have to be difficult - in fact, it should be as easy and user-friendly as possible.

And that’s precisely what we offer here at BrandIt Global.


Our software has been designed by those that have experience working in brand and marketing manager roles, so they know the branding demands your business will be faced with.

We’ve developed the software in real time alongside customers, and because of this we’ve been able to perfectly craft the BrandIt experience for all.

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