How to Create A Brand Persona

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A great brand is so much more than a beautiful logo or memorable tagline.

The best brands make us feel something. They stick with us, and it is this unique experience that characterises the lucrative relationship between a great brand and its customers.

Creating an iconic brand, of course, takes time and perseverance. But every business with a killer marketing or advertising campaign started at the same point - with a brand persona.

A persona is the fictional representation of your ideal customer. It will tell you a host of wonderful information about your target audience, from their purchase habits to their in-depth sociographic and demographic data. There are no limits.

However, we know that creating a fantastic brand persona takes time. That’s why we’ve put together 4 of our favourite tools to do exactly that - helping to give your marketing strategy a much-needed boost, whenever possible.

So, without further ado,

Here are our top digital tools on how to create a brand persona in under 15 minutes.

1. YouGOV Profiler

This is one of the best tools for creating brand personas.

Using extensive quantitative and qualitative research, the team at YouGOV have developed an incredible resource that provides an in-depth assessment of consumer demographics and purchase habits. The data has been collected by 200,000 YouGOV members and can offer unparalleled brand insight - something which is perfect for conducting customer and competitor research.

But what really makes YouGOV stand out is its brand ‘perception’ information. A quick search of Apple, for example, will provide the following information about its target audience:


This is invaluable information, making YouGOV a wonderful tool for creating brand personas.

However, there is one potential downside. YouGOV only provides customer profiles for its existing database of brands - so, if you’re working in a startup or SME, it’s unlikely that your company will be included. In this scenario, you’ll need to gather information from your competitors’ brand profiles and do some old fashioned customer research too.

2. Google Trends

Although less informative than YouGOV, Google Trends is another valuable resource for creating personas quickly and accurately.

Google Trends tells marketers which topics their customers are searching for - and tracks the popularity of that search item over an extended period. You can also compare this data with other brands, providing a unique snapshot of how competitor brands perform on Google’s search engine:


But when it comes to creating personas, Google Trends can provide some interesting basic demographic information - including:

  • Regional searches
  • Search topics
  • Search queries

Nevertheless, the major downside of this tool is that the data is somewhat limited. Google Trends can tell you how customers use search engines, but there is little indication of the motivations behind these trends.

Regardless, this is still a fantastic resource for beginning your persona journey. And you’ll probably find Google Trends incredibly useful throughout your campaign duration, particularly from a PR perspective.

3. Google Analytics

Sticking with the theme of Google, Analytics is another fantastic resource for creating accurate and valuable brand personas.

Unlike Trends, which is much more generalised, Analytics can tell you which keywords customers are using to bring themselves to your website. This can provide fantastic insight into consumer queries and which search items are the most popular.

Here is an example. If your business sells electronic equipment, then Google Analytics can tell you which words and phrases appear most often in the search toolbar. This could include anything from ‘cheap Apple iPhones’ to ‘digital equipment for business hire’.

Taking these results, marketers can then create a spreadsheet which identifies the key themes and categories in the main search times. And eventually, it will be possible to create generalised personas based on this data - such as ‘IT managers in London looking for electronic hire solutions for business exhibitions’.

This might seem like a big jump, but it’s incredible how much consumer information you can gather from Google Analytics.

4. Make My Persona

This tool is quite different to the DIY-approach of Google Trends and Analytics, but we’re certain you’ll love it.

Make My Persona was created by Hubspot to help brands gather generalised ideas about their ideal customer. Using a series of prompting questions, marketers can slowly build up an in-depth representation of who their target audience is.


Then, once you’ve answered all the questions, HubSpot will send you an email with your brand new persona. And it won’t take longer than 10 minutes.

Creating a killer brand persona

In the past, a marketing campaign would involve days of painful and time-consuming research to develop the ultimate brand persona.

But now, thanks to businesses like YouGOV and Hubspot, it’s possible to create a brand persona in little to no time at all.

It goes without saying, however, that you’ll still need to get your hands dirty and do some customer research. But these are all excellent starting points - helping to make the process of developing a marketing strategy that bit easier.

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