There’s an incredibly vast amount of competition in practically every business sector in the world.

Whether you work in retail, engineering or travel and leisure, you need to find ways to keep your customers loyal to your business - and one of the most effective ways of doing this is via your brand.

In this blog we’re going to guide you through why your brand is so powerful and what you need to be doing in order keep your brand as strong as ever and encourage loyalty.


Why is your brand so important?

When it comes to business, branding is vitally important because it helps consumers to understand what your company is all about.

From your logo through to your tone of voice, everything needs to be on the same page. For example, don’t have a fun logo if your tone of voice is serious and vice versa.

This will help people to recognise what you’re all about, and, more importantly, it will help them to CONTINUE to, long after they’ve come across your company.

It’s your brand that’s going to make them pick your product up over someone else’s, and if you're doing it right and generating loyalty it will become a very important part of your business.

But just how do you create brand loyalty?

We’ve got the guide right here that will help you out.


How Can You Improve Loyalty via Your Brand?

There are numerous things required to develop a brand that encourages loyalty. Below you’ll find some of the key things you need to ace your company’s branding.

They're all really great points, and when added together they're sure to give your brand a loyal fan base. 


Brand Consistency

There aren’t many things that can destroy a brand so easily as brand inconsistency can. It looks rushed, unprofessional, and makes your business look like it doesn't really care.

All of these are things you really don't want for a brand. 

It's important to note that to encourage loyalty then you need to create a brand that people can remember - but if you keep getting it wrong, for example using your old logo after a rebrand, then how can you expect customers to remember you?


Create Brand Guidelines

If you really want to keep your brand consistent, and therefore generate loyalty, one of the simplest things you can do is create some brand guidelines.

These will act as a little branding bible for you and your staff. If someone new joins, or someone who you already employ has some questions, then all you need to do is point them in the direction of the guidelines.

There they’ll find the right types of fonts to use, the brand personality and message and much more! Simple!


Web to Print Platforms

If you don’t have the time to put together brand guidelines and would like to use software to encourage brand consistency then why not invest in a web to print platform?

They allow you to create branded collateral in templates where elements such as brand colours, fonts, logos and images can all be locked down to ensure brand consistency for the future!

It just so happens that this is precisely what we offer here at Brandit Global, so why not explore it a little further


Build A Likeable Brand Persona

To keep people loyal to your brand, you need to encourage them to like your business - and what better way to do this than with a brand persona they’re sure to love?

If you slide humour or perhaps a more friendly tone into your brand it will enable people to relate to your company more, thus helping them in their decision-making process to choose your product or services.  

Everyone likes a laugh, and if you're able to make your business seem grounded and accessible then people will respond with their loyalty. 


Aim For Customer Service Excellence

It’s likely you’ll have some form of social media account for your business right now, and to really get people loyal to your brand then you need to demonstrate just how much your business cares.

Whether this is dealing with both negative and positive feedback on the likes of social media, or requesting customer feedback and then doing something about what they have to say - all of these things will show your business cares greatly about its customers.

In turn, this will encourage loyalty to your brand with ease.


Offer Great Deals

According to Access Development, “73% of consumers cite price and value as the leading factor that determined brand loyalty’ in 2015.

Therefore, it’s without doubt that you need to make sure your business is competitively priced when compared to the competition.

If you can reduce the price of your current services, then perhaps consider buy one get one free offers or consider hosting a competition where people are entered every time they purchase your products or services.

This will also help to encourage brand loyalty in the long run.


Brand Loyalty and Brandit Global

Here at Brandit Global, we do our best to provide a brand management solution that enables you to achieve the consistency require to encourage loyal customers. This frees up your time to focus on providing a fantastic customer service and great deals for your target audience.

To find out more about our services take a look here. We offer both web to print services and digital asset management - so don’t wait a moment longer before discovering how we can be of service to you.

Request a callback or free demo below to find out more!


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