Your brand is one of the most important parts of any business, but how do you find out what your customers and target customers actually think about it?

There are multiple ways that you can do this key market research - and it’s incredibly important that you do because it will help you to understand whether or not you’re nailing your brand.

And if not, you can revisit to ensure you get it right the second time around. 


1. Do A Survey For Current Customers

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Chances are, some of your customers will be interested in doing a survey for you. And if you ask the right questions you can get some really useful answers.

A tip for doing a survey is to go with questions that require people to rate things from 1 - 10 or answer simple questions with yes, no or maybe.

If a lot of your survey is filled with questions such as ‘What do you think of our brand?’ followed by empty boxes for them to fill in, people will get turned off and give really short answers such as ‘it’s good’ or ‘it could be better.'

So be sure to be tactical with your question choices. 


2. Track Your Brand

If you’ve had a rebrand recently, or maybe you're wondering if your current brand is performing, then maybe it’s time to take a look at how your business is doing itself.

A fall in purchases or website visits can all be a sign that your brand is falling to the wayside.

Make sure you come up with a plan to combat or improve whatever results you find - even if you're not 100% happy with what you find. 


3. Hit The Streets

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If you want to know what the general public think about your brand, then it’s time to head out onto the streets and ask the regular people of your city what their thoughts are.

This is a particularly good idea if you are a b2c facing brand, as you can approach people that might actually consider using your services or buying your products in the future. 

You could take some examples of your logo and ask people their thoughts and whether they recognise it. From there you’ll be able to get a better idea of where you stand with your target audience.


4. Do a Twitter Poll

To get a quick response from people, why not set up a Twitter poll? You can ask your followers key questions such as should the company get a rebrand, or should you keep your logo or go for a new one?

People won’t be afraid to tell them the truth, and it’s a lot less awkward than asking someone face to face. Social media can reach far and wide so why not use it for those means too? Plus, it's free and takes minimal time and effort to set up. 


What To Do With The Results

As mentioned earlier, once you have some feedback it’s time to analyse your findings.

If you’re close to a business, or perhaps are the owner, it can be quite hard to accept the feedback of people sometimes - especially if it’s negative.

If it does turn out that people are turned off by your brand, don’t take it personally. They are expressing their POV about the brand, not your product or services.

It’s also important to consider the types of people who are giving you certain feedback. If you’re targeting young people yet they seem disengaged from your brand, then you need to reconsider and come up with a plan to engage them once more.

This doesn’t have to mean a major rebrand for you, it could be a simple brand refresh to make it more modern.

Check out our sister company pixel8 if you’re looking for some inspiration!


Brandit and Your Brand

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