How Hotel Marketers Can Get The Most From Asset Storage

When you’re a marketer, your time is precious - especially if you work in a fast paced industry such as the leisure sector. And one thing that can help you save time on a day to day basis is a digital assessment management system.

A digital management system allows you to store all your data online via the cloud - and then you can access it wherever you are, providing that you have an internet connection.

International hotel brands such as IHG and Radisson are already making the most of the Brandit Global digital asset management (DAM) software, but before we take a look at what hotel marketers in particular can do with asset storage, let’s explore a little more about what the the software does.


What can you store with a digital asset management system?


If you’re looking for a way to save, secure and organise your digital assets then this avenue is most certainly one that you should consider.

An excellent digital asset system will allow you to store everything from photographs through to videos, animations, presentations and much more - meaning no matter where you are, your brand assets will be with you.

This ease of access is one of the main benefits of asset storage - especially for those who may need to access their information from multiple locations, ie, hotel marketers!


It will help to keep you organised

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What’s so great about digital asset management for hotel marketers? Well, that’s simple.

When it comes to storing your digital files on a computer, it’s easy for them to become inconsistent, messy and occasionally just really confusing. Yet we still all do it.

For example, storing photographs for the same project under different names can be an issue if you need to look at them at a later date - especially if your have a lot more photos from different projects on there too.

You’re instantly just going to become lost in a sea of digital files, because who’s got the time or brain capacity to remember every file name and location they’ve ever created?

Asset management prevents this from occurring. By organising and streamlining your asset storage experience, when you come to find your files at a later date they’ll be organised in a simple way that makes them easy to locate.

This level of organisation also allows hotel marketers to make sure the images they use are the correct ones that are approved centrally - avoiding the use of incorrect photographs and other digital files springing up across any of the hotel’s media and print outlets.


It will keep your brand consistent


If you’re using your digital asset management to store photographs, videos and imagery, then this service can be key to ensuring consistency across your hotel brand.

When it comes to creating an effective brand consistency is key. It’s important that the same logo, the same images and the same design can be found no matter where customers look throughout the business.

Whether it’s on the hotel’s website or a leaflet, digital asset management will allow you to access the right files to make sure your branding is the same no matter where anyone is looking.

Never again will there be confusion - because digital asset management removes the chance of it occurring!


Digital asset security


When your digital data is stored on a computer, anyone with access to the server can see everything.

This will generate a higher chance of files becoming mixed up, name changes occurring, and perhaps files even being moved/deleted all together. This means that the next time you come to access the files you need, they might not even exist anymore.

Digital asset management (DAM) software stops this from happening. As a hotel marketer, you will be in control of what is saved, where it is saved and who has access to it.

This means complete authority over who can see and do what, which allows for little chance of someone else coming in and mixing up the digital storage system you’ve got in place.


It will save you time


 photo of a clock

We’ve already touched on how important time is for busy hotel marketers, and this software can certainly impact the amount of time available for those in the sector.

If you have a system that you know will be both quick and efficient when it comes to accessing your digital files, then you can get the job done quickly and focus your efforts elsewhere.

Digital asset management software provides the opportunity to do precisely that. And as hotel marketers are some of the busiest we know, we’re sure you’ll appreciate any extra minutes you can claw back to invest in other areas of your day!

DAM Systems are reliable


A good DAM system is reliable - there’s no two ways about it.

An excellent model should have been built alongside clients - discovering what works and what doesn't, and reacting to clients wants, needs and desires.

This makes for a better digital storage system for all, especially those who working in the leisure and hotel sector who don’t have time for software that cannot perform.


How BrandIt Global can benefit hotel marketers


We’ve done the research. We’ve tried, tested and refined our product until it performs to the utmost of its capability - and also provides the exact type of service that users can rely on.

Hotel marketing is a very busy industry, and we know every second you can recapture will benefit you on the whole. Digital asset management is all about saving time and making your working life easier.

BrandIt Global is a software package created by pixel8, and we want to streamline the lives of marketers everywhere. We also want to provide a service that you can rely on, control and also use in a quick and user friendly manner.  

Interested in finding out how a digital asset management software solution can help keep your hotel brand consistent across multiple regions while increasing efficiency and reducing costs?

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