You’re probably wondering what Iron Man has to do with branding - and it’s a fair question to begin this article with. But Iron Man is more than just a superhero.

Iron Man, also known as businessman Tony Stark, is listed on Forbes Fictional 15 for his worth coming in at number 6 - so how does a superhero become that recognised that he makes it into a fictional fortune list on a respected publication?

Tony Stark knows his brand, in fact, he IS his brand, and the lines between him and Robert Downey Jr who plays him on screen blur even more with every Marvel film released.

So let’s see how Stark and Downey Jr handle themselves and have turned Iron Man into a house-hold brand.


1. Be dedicated

You don’t become a famous superhero without putting in the legwork, and something that Tony Stark doesn’t lack is dedication to his craft.

Iron Man saves the day time and time again - never faltering, never turning his back.

It’s this dedication that you need when it comes to managing your brand too.

You need to live, breath, and eat everything there is to know about the business you work for, as well as being able to recite your brand message, personality and even the colour and font guidelines off by heart.

From here you'll be able to effectively manage your brand because you know everything there is to know about it. Approval processes will speed up, as will your eye for what works, and what doesn't, when it comes to brand campaigns. 

If you keep it up you could find managing your brand becomes easier than ever before. It's now up to you to defend its honour until the end of your days!


2. Don’t undervalue social media

You may be aware that Robert Downey Jr is the face of Iron Man, and he does a lot to support this brand off-screen as well as on. 

A quick look at his Twitter account demonstrates how far he goes.

Promoting #TeamIronMan and also poking fun at his rival in the film, Captain America, Downey Jr blurs the line between himself and Tony Stark.

In fact, his Twitter account as a voice for not only him but for his alter ego too.

Image of Robert Downey Jr's Twitter account.

We can take a few lessons from this when it comes to brand management. The first one being his consistent tone of voice: Downey Jr tweets just like Tony Stark would. He keeps his brand consistent in this way, making us believe Tony Stark actually exists.

By doing this Downey Jr Also promotes the film. Look at the retweet and like rate on the above two tweets alone. The reach on these posts would have been monumental - alerting people to the presence of this movie if they weren't already aware.

Social media is a fantastic way to scream and shout about your brand, and posting helpful and humorous content is the perfect way to get retweets and likes so that your brand reaches the masses.

And the best thing about social promotion is that it doesn't have to cost you a penny, unless you opt to pay for adverts, making it a fantastic online advertising avenue for any business.

Don't miss out on the influence social channels have on audiences all around the world. Robert Downey Jr certainly isn't. 


3. Educate yourself

Tony Stark built his own Iron Man suit and also uses a heart regulator to keep himself alive after an unfortunate incident with a piece of shrapnel.

Stark also has two engineering degrees and is the proud owner of Stark Tower - think of a big fancy skyscraper with the work ‘Stark’ on the side in big lights, if you’re unfamiliar with it.

In other words, Stark knows his speciality inside out and because of this, he has been able to use his genius to make a success of himself and the famous Stark brand.

Want your brand to be famous too? Then get educated.

Know all there is to know about your sector and be the BEST. The results of this will speak for themselves if you do it right, helping promote brand awareness simply through the brilliance of your services and products.


4. Push the boundaries

Man working out

Does Iron Man defeat his enemies by taking the safe and assured route at all times? No, he doesn't!

If you're familiar with the first Avenger’s film you’ll be aware of the scene where Iron Man has to get the rotors working on an aircraft to save the people on board.

His solution?

Get inside and push one of the propellers. This, of course, nearly kills him - and although it’s not the safest way to ensure the safety of the aircraft, it does the job and he is eventually saved himself by Captain America.

Iron Man knows how and when to push the boundaries and gain results, and this is what you need to do for your brand.

There’s no point in playing it safe and fading into the background; you need to find your selling point and do something completely out there to get the attention of your target audience.

Think of the most successful brand campaign you've ever come across. Was it safe? No. Was it guaranteed to work? No.

But it did.

Do your research and have a little faith in yourself, and then aim for Tony Stark levels of amazing


5. Rely on technology for help

Who would Iron Man be without his technology? He isn’t a natural born hero, and he uses his tech to make himself superhuman. So why can’t you do the same for your brand too?

We aren’t suggesting you invest in materials and begin work on a bionic brand management suit during your lunch break. But what we are suggesting though is that you make full use of tools that have been built to support your brand.

Web to print services and digital asset management are both fantastic examples of this. Web to print allows you to create branded materials in-house quickly, and digital asset management is an effective way to store all your brand assets in one online place so you never loose them.

It’s tech like this that’s going to make managing your brand easier than ever before. So be like Iron Man and make the most of any technology you can get your hands on.

It’ll make you a branding superhero in no time!


Brandit Global and Brand Management

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