How Multi-site Operators Can Perfect Brand Consistency

No matter how brilliant and well-thought out your brand design may be, ensuring it’s consistent across every single outlet your company has, is one of the biggest challenges facing the modern day marketing manager.

But what if we told you there was a way to put an end to this and ensure consistency?

Susan is a marketing manager, and she knows just how tiring it can be working in the profession.

With deadlines, branding consistency on her mind and, in short, a million and one things running through her head all at once, Susan knows how hard it is to do her marketing manager role effectively and efficiently.

Yet all Susan wants to do is to do a good job.

That’s why Susan’s thankful that she found Brandit Global.  


Brandit Global - Brand Management Made Easy

Take a look at our brand new video below and see how Susan starts to work smarter, not harder, achieving brand consistency that’s as simple, user-friendly, streamlined and reliable.

All she needed all along was a brand asset management system… and it could be all you need to rekindle the enjoyment and rewarding nature of your marketing role.  


Welcome to Brandit Global from Pixel8 Ltd on Vimeo.

Brand Asset Management 

Now Susan smiles behind her desk and loves her job again. Countless hours of stress, admin and endlessly organising everyone and everything is a thing of the past!

Now Susan has Brandit Global, a piece of BAM software that’s firmly on Susan’s side. 


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