If you’re a multisite marketer you’ll know just how hard it is to keep your digital files in order. This is because every site you oversee will have a range of different files on hand that they use for their branding efforts.

But what can you do to make sure you’re over-seeing each of these branches effectively with minimal effort on your behalf?

Well, you need access to a digital asset management system.

In this latest blog, we’re going to explain exactly what a digital asset management system is and how it can benefit you and your marketing departments around the world.


DAM - Digital Asset Management

Here at Brandit Global, we’re all about helping you manage your brand and marketing, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to organise your files.

We all know how easy it is to get them in a mess.

Whether they’re scattered across your desktop, on hard drives or on your company server, it can be a real drag having to scroll through until you find the right file - especially if the location has changed.

But a DAM system puts an end to this.

Our DAM platform is known as Storeit, and this tool is really effective at helping you keep all your files in one place.

But what are the benefits of having this option available to you, and how can you make the most of them if you’re a multisite marketer?


The Benefits

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Digital Asset Management comes with many benefits, and each of these are a great addition to the working life of any multisite marketer.

In this section, we're going to outline everything you need to know to make the most of your platform! 


Centralised Storage 

The first key thing about DAM software is that it keeps your files in one place. 

This means you no longer need to keep scrolling around trying to find files or locate them from different offices.

Everyone will be working within the same piece of software, and you’ll be able to access them with ease.


Online Storage 

Another great thing about digital asset management is that it works online. All you need is an internet connection to upload and access your photos - giving you easy access no matter where you’re working from in the world.

This is a great option to keep in mind if you often travel around to various sites across your business because it allows you to be incredibly flexible with your workspace.

It also means you don't need to worry about forgetting important files because you can access them no matter where you are!


Ultimate Control 

DAM also puts you in control of your digital assets. This is because you can decide who can see what in which offices.

This means if you want one file available to your Manchester branch and another to Birmingham, you have the power to limit and grant access to whoever you like.

This helps to keep local brands on target without needing to constantly keep an eye on them - freeing up your time to focus on your own marketing aims. Perfect!



Another great thing about digital asset management is that it’s usually incredibly quick to set up.

This means you get to hit the ground running as soon as you like with your DAM system, and you can start uploading your files for a more organised future right away. 


Keyword tagging 

As well as this, DAM systems come with the option to tag your files with keywords.

Say for example, you need everything you have on record for chocolate cake, typing that word in will bring up all the files associated with the term - all you need to do is make sure you tag them correctly!

It will enable you to find files faster than ever before, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture for good. 


Digital Asset Management and You

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Interested in investing in a DAM system for your business? Then why not get in touch today? Our digital asset management system is known as Storeit, and it comes with all the great features mentioned above.

If you’d like to find out more give us a call on 0161 2286489. You can also download our free eBrochure or perhaps request a free demo via screen share by filling in the form below if you’d like to see the platform in action.

Once you head towards Storeit, you won’t look back. Your marketing efforts will be more streamlined than ever before, freeing you up to do a great job without dealing with niggly issues such as file locations that have gone missing and much more!


Download our Digital Asset Management Brochure

Fill out the form below, email us at hello@branditglobal.com or give us a call on +(44) 161 228 6489

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