Overseeing a marketing team is no easy feat - believe us, we know! And we’re certain you’ll always be looking for ways to do your job effectively yet easily. Think of it as the classic working smarter not harder, kind of thing.

But what are the best ways to empower and organise your team?

Take a look at our top recommendations below to get a better idea of what it truly takes to motive your team better than ever before!


1. Streamline the marketing process

If you work in a marketing department, you’ll know how taxing it can be when you’re trying to track down work from outside agencies. It’s one of the hardest part of the jobs - getting things done on time and exactly how you like them. And in busy seasons if you’re overseeing multi-site businesses it can become an incredibly hefty workload.

There are, however, ways to avoid this.

Software such as web to print will allow you to design marketing materials in-house. All the team can get involved, because all they need to do is drag and drop images as well as editing text into pre-design templates. They’ll be exclusive for your business, and will work on everything from A3 posters through to leaflets and much more.

Save time, money and resources and ensure your marketing team are organised and empowered to do their job in the best possible way!


2. Train your team to perfection

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Let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck in a job where they feel like they aren’t learning anything. And this is something that can play to a marketing manager’s advantage if nurtured right.

By sending team members on courses and providing them with training, not only are you giving them job satisfaction, you’re also empowering them to be better at their jobs - a bonus which benefits everyone!


3. Organise, organise, organise!

When you work with hundreds of pieces of marketing materials, it’s easy for them to get lost in the system. Whether they’re limited to one person’s computer, or perhaps the person who had access to them has left and no one knows where they are, digital files are easily lost in the great big world of digital storage.

But there are software packages out there that will put an end to this.

For example, digital asset management is the perfect place to store digital assets in one, central online space. Because they’re tagged with keywords, they’re also incredibly easy to find and sharing them is also simply done by entering a colleague’s email.

If your marketing team have their  digital files in order, they’ll be able to work in an organised manner, and they’ll also be empowered to do their job quickly and efficiently.

You can’t afford to miss out on a solution like this!


4. Treat others how you’d like to be treated

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If you have a team underneath you, you’ll know how important it is to keep up their moral.

You don’t need to go to the ends of the earth to do this. A morning stop off at your local Tesco to pick up some pastries, or a coffee run mid-morning will leave your team feeling revitalised and appreciated.

From there, they’ll feel empowered to do a better job because they know they’re valued - it’s so simple to do, and yet many managers turn a blind eye to it. Don’t be that boss!


5. Give your employees a plan

When it comes to empowering someone to do a good ob, they usually need motivation. And a great way to motivate someone is to provide them with a plan for their career.

If they know there are rewards ahead, and where they’re going - whether that’s a new title, pay rise or something else entirely, they’re more likely going to want to put the efforts in to achieve marketing success for your company.

This also increases loyalty. Why go somewhere where you’re not sure how you could progress if you clearly know where you’re going in your current position?

In short, everyone needs to be supported. It’s your role to provide that and then stick to it. Empty promises have the opposite effect of empowering and destroy the moral and motivation of your team. Always make sure you only promise things that you can deliver on.


Supporting your team with Brandit and Storeit

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Brandit is the web to print offering we provide here are Brandit Global, and Storeit is our digital asset management platform.

If you want to empower your team without software, why not request a free demo today by filling in your details below? We will do it via a screen share, so you can really get an insight into what our business is all about.

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