How Your Charity Can Carry Out A Successful National Fundraising Campaign With Brandit Global

If there’s one sector in desperate need of a system that can provide a quick and effective way to create marketing collateral, it’s the charity industry.

Charities are usually made up by a variety of ranks. This includes the community on the ground, the field sales team, regional offices and also a central office - and each one has a need to provide consistent marketing materials.

As well as this, local philanthropists in communities often want to raise money for charities that are close to their hearts - but charities want to keep their branding the same so that the public recognise them.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at one of the most successful charity campaigns in the UK, the MacMillan Coffee Morning.

Moreover, we will then demonstrate how you can make it even better by using Brandit Global.


How MacMillan became the leaders of national fundraising campaigns

You may have noticed that on Friday the 30th of September, people around the country were selling cakes to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

We even had a go in the office ourselves!


Around the country, people tweeted their support for the campaign with the hashtag #MacMillanCoffeeMorning - and despite the fact the final fundraising figures haven’t be released yet, it’s clear it was a success.

So how did they do it?

Last year, over 860 coffee mornings took place across the country, and they raised over £170,000 pounds for the charity. Despite raising so much money, however, this wasn’t the charities only success. It achieved marketing results that some brands can only dream of, and this is thanks to their forward-thinking branding and marketing approach.

The first thing MacMillan did was to provide marketing collateral to anyone who signs up to host a coffee morning. This included everything from balloons to buntings - and it ensured that the MacMillan brand was displayed consistently throughout every event.

The hashtag for the event also encouraged people to share pictures from their coffee morning online. The success of #MacMillanCoffeeMorning is found on Twitter here, where it’s clear to see people are still tweeting about the event more than a week later.

What’s great about providing people with branded materials for their event is that MacMillan is enabling people to raise funds but also keep the MacMillan Cancer Support brand consistent. It’s also so easy to do that consumers take to it instantly - and the designs they MacMillan provide really are beautiful.

However, what if there was a way to build upon this and support local fundraisers with branded collateral even further?

For example, it’s easier to organise one, big day with consistent branding because everyone has the right materials to hand and it helps to keep everyone on message - but providing collateral year round becomes a little more complex. And if MacMillan wants to take their brand collateral to the next level, we have the solution.


How your charity can build upon the success of MacMillan’s Coffee Mornings.

As we’ve discussed, MacMillan ace on-brand marketing for their coffee mornings, but what if we told you there was an innovative piece of software that would enable you to offer on-brand marketing for events all year round - and that these could be personalised for each business/person partaking in a charity event?

If you’re a regular on our blog, you may have come across our Smart Energy GB case study post recently.

Rather than adopting the whole Brandit platform, Smart Energy GB have incorporated our technology into their own website. They’ve taken our web to print tech and made it a part of  their wider software proposition - and this is what charities can leverage to allow local fundraisers to create on brand, personalised materials.


The above screenshot is taken from the Resource Centre from the Smart Energy GB website, and you can take a closer look at it yourself right here. As you can see, the pen icons indicate that the collateral is editable - and if charity providers would like to encourage local fundraising events yet want to keep them as on brand as possible, then adopting our software to achieve what Smart Energy GB have is the perfect way to do so.

Fundamentally known as Web to Print software, Brandit allows for elements such as logos and images to be locked down - but if you would like the text to be editable or create an opportunity for brands to use their own logos on the collateral too, then brands can choose to make that part of the materials editable.

But it doesn’t just have to be available to the public. Adopting Brandit Global in-house can also streamline the creation of locally, personalised content and cut out the middleman of agencies.

In the same way the public can edit the Smart Energy GB content, charities will also be able to edit bespoke, on brand templates designed specifically for their business with Brandit Global - and they don’t even need any prior design experience.

There are also in-house approval processes that allow for charities to make certain that anything that is printing or published is 100% on brand - and that’s why so many people have adopted the software including the provider of over 16,000 courses internationally, City and Guilds.

80% of consumers said “authenticity of content” is the most influential factor in their decision to become a follower of a brand, so it’s clear that on brand, consistent marketing materials are vital to the success of any business, whether they are a charity or not.


Issues That Charity Brands Face When Marketing And How Brandit Can Help

There are clearly many benefits to adopting a web to print platform to assist with the creation of charity marketing communications. However, there are also other ways a w2p platform can assist with branding and marketing in this sector.


A Drop In Investors

It’s something all charities face at some point during their lifetime - and a drop in investors can happen for a number of reasons. However, one of the best ways to combat it is to raise brand awareness for your charity. This is all about introducing people to what you do who may not have been aware of you before, and a great brand encourages them to trust in you, too.

Brandit enables you to create these branding materials quickly and then provides the opportunity to edit them to suit a local area, no matter where you are in the world.

Charity claim that branding also ‘boosts morale and inspires supporters’ when applied to this sector - both of which are key factors in the journey to success when investors are falling.


A Lack Of Funds

Of course, a charity’s main function to raise money - so how, exactly, are they supposed to fund both expensive branding and marketing ventures? Well, Brandit enables charities to cut out the middle-man, aka, agencies, and it provides a way to create marketing materials in a quick, and more importantly, cost effective manner.


Public Perception

For people to invest in a brand, they need to trust them. This is also true in the charity sector. There are charity branding specialists out there, and one of them is nfpSynergy. They’ve published a blog about how people perceive charities. They claim:

‘In the numerous sessions with live audiences where I have asked these questions, the responses are always the same. People name a breadth of organisations, but when I press them on how they know that organisations are doing a good job, they tell me that they hear about them a lot in the media or that their newsletters had some really good facts and figures.’

Therefore, when it comes to public perception - and consequently the level of donations, branding and marketing are incredibly important because it helps the public understand the success of a charity - as well as their needs.


Negative Brand Perceptions

You may remember a little while ago that Cancer Research rebranded. For a regular business, this is just another part of growth and development - but with a charity actions such as this come with problems. claimed that Cancer Research spent £687,000 pounds on their rebrand, and the charity brand was more than clear about what the money went on. However, people weren’t happy about it. pulled people’s thoughts from Twitter, including those who were outraged at the expenditure and those applauding it. One user even said, ‘#CancerResearchUK spend £687,000 on a new logo. #Really Maybe better spent on researching cancer.’

Because Brandit allows you to keep your branding costs down, it could also help to reduce negative brand perceptions of your charity should they arise after a rebrand. Here at Brandit, we want to make branding easier for your business, and lowering costs is certainly a big part of that.



Keeping Up With Big Charities

If you ask a member of the public to name as many charities as they can, most of them will be big, household names. From Cancer Research to WWF, the reason these brands are so well known is largely to do with their branding.

Remember when everyone had panda stickers with the WWF logo on? Or how the emotions stirred when a Cancer Research was aired during primetime television?

We know all about them because they’re everywhere we look. However, it’s difficult for smaller charities with fewer donations to generate as much coverage as these popular charity brand.

Brandit, however, can assist with this by providing an affordable way to create impressive marketing materials. Users don’t require any design experience at all, and because the platform runs online it can be adopted all over the world. We design any templates a business requires in-house and then charities can edit them to suit their needs, just like Smart Energy GB offer on their website.

Best of all, the materials are exclusive to the company they’re designed for, so brands needn't worry about another business having similar marketing collateral.

As mentioned earlier, Brandit offers brands the opportunity to cut out agencies and their high  prices - and it puts the creation of marketing and branding materials in the hands of the charity themselves.

It really is that simple.


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