I need a brand asset management solution which fits around our current way of working, is there a bespoke solution which works for my company's individual needs?

When we first created Brandit Global, it was all about providing branding and marketing managers with an effective brand management solution.

As we’re marketing and branding experts ourselves, we know how trying and tiresome it can be to manage a brand on a global scale in a way that’s both efficient and effective.

It’s just not easy!

But when we created Brandit Global we wanted to put this to bed. Our idea was to provide a platform that would allow branding managers to adopt it, but also allow it to co-exist alongside their current way of working - so we developed a bespoke platform that did precisely that.

Let us introduce you to both Brandit and Storeit - our brand management solutions.

Brandit and Brand Management

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Your first question probably is, ‘Well, what exactly is Brandit?’ And it’s a fine question indeed!

Brandit is our web to print solution that companies such as The Crowne Plaza are already making use of.

But what does a web to print platform actually do?

Well, it allows you to create marketing and branding materials in-house, meaning you can take control of your brand without needing to consult with external design agencies.

This will work effortlessly alongside your current way of brand management, simply because it's just so easy to use.

Yet that’s not all.

  • Our web to print platform allows you to lock down elements and allow some to be changeable - meaning you can manage the creation of branding collateral with ease.

  • Brandit also comes with an approval process, meaning nothing will be sent to print or published without your consent first.

  • Because it’s so easy to use, any employee will be able to create branding materials.

  • As it works online, you can access Brandit anywhere to ensure the ultimate brand management experience.

  • We create the templates you can customise in-house with our bespoke designs perfect for your company's individual needs. From there, you’re able to create hundreds of different versions without our assistance.

  • Brandit remembers your brand’s fonts and colours, enabling easy management of your branding collateral.

If you think a web to print platform might be precisely what you need, then take a look here for some more information. 

Storeit and Brand Management

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Storeit is another arm of Brandit Global, and we created this to work effortlessly alongside our web to print platform.

Storeit is digital asset management system. A digital asset is a file, and this can include everything from pdfs through to jpgs.

With our DAM system, you keep all your files in one central place. You can bulk upload them and tag them up with keywords making them easier than ever to find with our smart search.

This means you don’t have to spend hours looking through folders and files to find the correct files to manage your brand’s consistency - allowing you to integrate Storeit with your current way of working with incredible ease.

And there’s plenty more benefits you get with Storeit too:

  • Sharing files is easier than ever. All you need to do is drag and drop them into a light box at the bottom of the platform and then enter your colleague's email!

  • If they use Storeit as well, you don’t even need to put in their email - it will go direct to their Storeit dashboard.

  • Storeit offers the ultimate in internal control. You get to decide which employees can see what - the perfect way to customise it for your individual needs.

  • Storeit is accessible online, meaning you can get access to your files no matter where you are in the world.

  • You get to decide which assets are available, meaning old images won’t be caught up in your new branded materials. Brand management at its finest!

If you’d like to see Storeit in action, take a look here. We also have an eBrochure available for download.

Brandit Global

Both Brandit and Storeit have been designed to make your branding life easier. Brand management issues will become a thing of the past, freeing up your time to focus on creating new exciting brand campaigns and much more.

Best of all, both our platforms integrate with ease to your current way of working and improve it for the better. 

Sound like something that you might be interested?

Give us a call on 0161 228 6489 and ask for Paul McGuffie if you’d like to find out more.

We look forwards to hearing from you!


Download our Web to Print Brochure

Fill out the form below, email us at hello@branditglobal.com or give us a call on +(44) 161 228 6489

Download our Digital Asset Management Brochure

Fill out the form below, email us at hello@branditglobal.com or give us a call on +(44) 161 228 6489

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