I need to put individual logos across all regional collateral - is there a simple way to do this without a big design spend?

When it comes to creating marketing materials for a global organisation, a lot of hard work and dedication is required to ensure it’s done in a consistent and professional manner.

Yet working on a global scale requires time and money and you may find yourself struggling to find the resources for it.

One such task that could cause issues is the need to put individual logos across all regional collateral.

Not only is this an exercise that’s incredibly dull, it also eats away at valuable employee time that could be exercised in other manners.

So how do you avoid the big design spend that usually comes with this?

Well, that’s where Brandit can help.


Brandit Web to Print Software and the avoidance of big design spend

When it comes to Brandit’s web to print software, we’re all about making your life easier. Creating marketing materials doesn’t need to be a tiresome, tedious task. In fact, it’s quite easy to do jobs such as this quickly and efficiently with Brandit

But how does it work?

With Brandit Global, each of your marketing pieces has a template designed by us, you can decide what’s locked down and what’s changeable (such as individual logos!) and from there all you need to do is drag and drop and alter the text if you so wish - and your marketing materials are done!

The approval process ensures everything is checked before being published or printed, making printing errors a thing of the past.

Brand consistency will be easy and simple to do - and you don’t need to waste endless time and resources editing global materials in-house.


How can Brandit cut down big design expenditure?

Because you have your marketing materials in-house, you don’t need to consult agencies every single time you need an update or a new piece of material creating.

Also, because Brandit is accessible via the internet, you can work with the software all over the world. All anyone needs is internet access and you can then provide them with the chance to make marketing collateral for your business.

This takes the responsibility away from head office, and because the software is so simple to use, the employee in control of the software doesn’t need to have any previous design experience at all.  

By removing the need for the middle man of design agencies, and ensuring that any employee can create marketing materials on brand quickly and correctly - you can be sure you’ll save some money.

And the changing of logos will become a simple drag and drop feature - saving hours of time!


Brandit’s Web to Print Software & You

Think you might be interested in seeing Brandit in action? All you need to do is fill in the form below and we can connect via a screen share. From here you’ll see our web to print software in action, allowing you to gage whether it’s perfect for your business.

There’s also a free eBrochure available for download in our handy resource centre to provide you with more details and perhaps answer any questions you may have.

Remember, you can also always call us on 0161 228 6489 and ask for Paul McGuffie!


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