I want to create PDFs for local & professional print and JPEGs for digital imagery, especially across social media, but can't afford a designer every time

If you’re a big business, making sure you have professional marketing materials across your entire business can be a taxing and tiresome task.

With so many branches to keep an eye on, it’s nearly impossible to ensure that your brand will look and feel right - and brand inconsistencies don’t look great to consumers.

So how can you create consistent and professional pdfs, prints and jpegs every time without investing in an expensive designer?

That’s where our web to print platform, Brandit, can come in handy!


Web to Print Software and its Benefits

One of the best things about our web to print platform Brandit is that anyone has the power to create and develop branding and marketing materials.

Whether you want to put together an A3 poster, a leaflet, or a social media advertisement, Brandit can help make sure this looks professional and remains consistent every time.

Our expert creatives design bespoke templates for you, and then once that initial design is complete, you never need to consult us again. You can make hundreds of versions of your A3 poster to be distributed around the world if you like, free to change the copy and images where necessary.

From there, we lock down the elements you request such as logos, certain bits of text, etc, and we also leave some open to edit to allow a level of personalisation for your branches.

It’s entirely up to you what you lock down and what you allow to remain editable.

Then all your employees need to do is type direct into the document or drag and drop images to customise their collateral for your brand - and because this works online it's incredibly accessible no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

From there, there’s an approval process so that no collateral will go out without someone looking at them first. You can even delegate the responsibility of approving marketing materials to another trusted user if you're super busy that day.

This means brand consistency is achieved with ease, and you don’t need to consult a designer each time you have a need for some marketing collateral.

You can do it in-house, quickly and efficiently.

Web to print/publish software saves both time and money in this respect, which probably explains why it’s so popular!


Brandit and You

Think our w2p platform could be precisely what your business needs to reduce design costs?

Why not fill in our contact form below to arrange a demo via screen share?

This will allow you to see Brandit in action and allow you to decide whether it’s the best software for your business needs.

We also have an eBrochure available to download here, as well as an FAQ section of our blog - just in case you have additional questions about our services.

Brands such as Hotel Indigo and City & Guilds are already making the most of our web to print platform, so why not see how it could revolutionise the creation of your branding materials too?


Download our Web to Print Brochure

Fill out the form below, email us at hello@branditglobal.com or give us a call on +(44) 161 228 6489

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