The Importance of Branding for B2B Companies

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Branding isn’t just a process that B2C businesses should be focusing on. In fact, there’s a lot of evidence supporting the fact that branding is becoming incredibly important in the B2B sector too.

From the technology industry through to accountancy, B2B branding can have a huge influence on the success and growth of your business.

But where’s the evidence that proves that this is something your company should be focusing on?

Explore below for a closer look.


Branding helps to increase the chance of purchases

One of the main focuses of branding is to help make sales, and sales are just as important for B2B companies, if not more so, than B2C companies.

The topic of B2B branding was recently discussed on the Forbes website, and they claimed: “Brands [...] can be valuable because B-to-B purchases arguably matter more than B-to-C ones: buy the wrong toothpaste, and you can always change brands when the tube runs out. Buy the wrong turbine and you could hurt your company’s earnings for years…”

Due to the fact that purchases for B2B companies are arguably more important to the welfare of a company overall, branding can play a key role in helping to secure this business.

Branding can also be used to help the big decision makers in the companies that you’re targeting to close sales with you. This is especially true if you have high value contracts that may take a little more persuading beyond the personal relationships method favoured in this sector - so don’t miss out.


CEOs have emotions too

When attempting to secure a B2B sale, some may argue that brands are ineffective because the people high up in these businesses cannot be persuaded in this way.

However, we all know that CEOs aren’t robots that are impartial to emotions - and it’s not hard to believe that if someone high up trusts in your brand, they’re also going to trust in your services too. 

Therefore it can be argued that branding is very important indeed when it comes to B2B sales, and one such company that appreciates the importance of a brand in this domain is Microsoft.

B2B Marketing recently reported that Microsoft is the second highest most valuable B2B brand in the world.

The fact that Microsoft is second on this list isn’t surprising. When most people think of computers and technology, Microsoft is one of the first providers that springs to mind - and this is due in part to their excellent branding.

Microsoft works as both a B2C and a B2B company, but if you take a look around you’ll notice a lot of businesses will make use of their software on a daily basis. From the Microsoft packages such as Office through to the use of the processor Microsoft Windows - this brand has a strong presence in a variety of workplaces, and this largely down to the fact that Microsoft is a brand that people and businesses have come to trust.


Branding allows you to speak to a large audience - quickly

For B2B companies, you need to target a lot of businesses - big and small. And just like brands help B2C businesses reach the mass public, they can also save B2B companies a lot of time by reaching a large variety of businesses in a short amount of time.

Personal relationships can only get B2B companies so far, and if a business wants to grow and develop then they need to target as many companies as they possibly can.

A business that seems to get this just right is Deloitte.

Deloitte specialise in professional services including the likes of Tax and Audit, and they are a big four accountancy firm appreciated on a global scale.

It’s therefore important for Deloitte to have a tangible brand, and a quick visit to the Deloitte website will offer clear insights into the way they work with their brand.

Deloitte provide individual pages for each industry they work with - but it doesn’t end there.

The information supplied isn’t only about the services they offer and a few case studies. Deloitte take it further and offer ‘insights’, ‘perspectives’, ‘solutions’, ‘analysis’ and much more - showing an excellent use of content marketing to demonstrate their expertise and promotion of  their brand.

It’s this knowledge of specific sectors, and the content that shows they care and understand the industries they work with, that allows Deloitte to build a trusty B2B brand that encourages business.


Branding keeps B2B companies consistent

If you don’t have a brand in place for your business, the likelihood is that managers and other members of your company are at risk of making their own.

If this is done across the board, you could end up with a wide selection of brand identities all relating to your company - with each one portraying a different message.

It’s important that this doesn’t happen to you.

When it comes to your business, you need to be able to co-ordinate your own brand across all the services you provide. This is because a confusing and disorganised brand portrays your business in the same way - and we’re sure you can appreciate why this may send potential clients elsewhere.

Branding keeps everyone on the same page internally and externally, and it also helps to provide a united front when it comes to generating B2B sales. Keep this in mind when considering how your company looks to potential clients and make sure you take a good look at how your business appears in the eyes of clients - you may be surprised.


B2B branding

The above points all prove just how important brand has become for B2B businesses, but if you’re having trouble building your brand, pixel8 and Brandit Global are here to help!

Contact us by filling in the form below if you require any advice, or get in touch via Twitter if you want to join the discussion. Our blog is also filled with lots more branding advice, so be sure to explore this a little further too for some great branding tips.

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