Branding and marketing are two avenues that often run parallel to one another. In fact, branding supports marketing and marketing supports branding, with each one propping up and improving the face of the other.

But why is this?

Well, to market your brand perfectly you need an excellent brand - because without it people will not be able to relate to your product or feel invested in your business.

Below we’re going to use your brand to improve your marketing, and also show you what to do if you think your branding could do with a little tweaking for more success.


Why Marketing Needs Branding

The whole point of marketing is to sell your products or services, and a strong brand will enable your marketing team to do precisely that.

People have certain brands they trust. Why do you think most people turn away from supermarket own brand products and invest in the big names - despite the fact that they’re practically the same thing?

It’s because they trust that brand, because they know what they’re getting when they invest. And this is something your marketing team will want to recreate for your business to.

No matter how good an ad is, if your branding isn’t up to scratch, people could turn a blind eye to your product. In fact, a good brand makes things EASIER for your marketing efforts, because marketing then gets to ride on the coattails of your well thought out brand persona.


How to Ensure Your Brand is Good Enough

So perhaps now you’re a little concerned. You’ve got a brand that no one seems to be invested in, and you thought marketing was your answer. But now you’re worried because here we are telling you that both of them are very important.

Well, they are, and if you really want your brand to sing you don’t need to rewrite your branding rule book. In fact, you can quite easily create an amazing brand without changing much at all. 

If you have a brand with a strong design then the problem might be the way you’re targeting it, as opposed to the brand itself. Do you find that your target audience aren't responding? Or that someone else is getting in touch with you when really you were hoping for a different prospect altogether?

With a little brand refresh instead of an overhaul, you could really nail targeting for your business. Making your logo more modern or simply changing your tone of voice could have a huge impact on the effect of your brand, and from there you could also see a shift in the success of your marketing.

Another way to improve your brand is to speak to your current customers. No one knows as well as them what originally attracted them to your brand, and you’re more likely to get an honest response from them about what works with your brand and what could ultimately do with some improvements.


How to Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Perhaps you’ve come into this with a killer brand and some marketing experience under your belt, and maybe what you need is to step up your marketing efforts for even more results.

The first thing we suggest that businesses do is look online if they haven’t already. Social media, content marketing and much more make for great ways to raise brand awareness and get your brand in front of the eyes of those you’re aiming for. This is especially effective if you use social media advertising - you can target ages, gender, interests and much more to really focus in on that target prospect.

However, print marketing isn’t dead either. What people like to see these days is experiential marketing. They want to be INVOLVED in the marketing of your company.

Not sure what that means? Well think about the recent Coca-Cola campaigns where everyone’s names were put on bottles. This involved the consumer and gave them an experience via their marketing efforts, and that's why it did so well. 


Creating an Effective Brand

If you have a great brand but could do with ensuring its consistent across the globe in a quick and efficient way, then you need our web to print software.

Brandit allows you to create marketing and branding materials in-house with little effort from you. All you need to do is edit our bespoke templates to suit your needs - and we design each template specifically for your company to make sure your artwork is one of a kind.

To find out more, take a look at our case studies. You can also request a free demo below to see Brandit Global in progress or download our free eBrochure that will tell you everything you need to know about our software and how it could revolutionise your branding and marketing efforts. 

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