The Key Basic Ingredients to a Successful Brand

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Branding is a term that is bandied about A LOT; we all know the hugely successful ones, but what was it that ensured their success? What are the things that make a brand triumph above others?

Here we’ll talk, albeit briefly, about the elements requiring significant work and attention in order to help you understand why investing in brand strategy is vital.


Overarching guiding principles

What are your values? What do you believe in? What do you want your company to represent? Answering all of these questions will help you to understand what your brand’s guiding principles should be.  Guiding principles can be a list, a statement or a carefully selected choice of words that everyone working for the company must believe in and consider during their day to working activities. They must represent who and what the brand IS and act as the guiding torch for everything that follows.


A brilliant logo

You’ve decided on your name and your guiding principles, you now have to start to address the visual elements of the brand. Your logo symbolises and illustrates who you are and what you do, it can be an image or a word or a combination of both.  It sets the design standard (colours, fonts, tone of voice) for every other piece of marketing collateral. Because it is the first element of your brand that the public will come in to contact with it has to be clear and recognisable. We all know the ubiquitous logos that stand alone to remind us of a company’s presence, they immediately set out what the brand stands for. This is what you’re aiming for (it’s not easy!)


Perfect tone of voice

Your tone of voice is the way that you express your brand in writing.  It is what we say and how we say it and must always reflect the overarching guiding principles. Who are you talking to? Do you want to appear casual and friendly or formal and sharp? There is no right or wrong answer, it just has to be right for your brand.  Your tone of voice should be distinctive and recognisable and always, always consistent, carefully selected words can heavily influence customers and is literally your ‘voice’ to the world. Get it right and make sure it is always the same.


Precise fonts

The font or fonts where your tone of voice appears have to, once again, reflect the overarching guiding principles. If your brand is efficient, then the font should reflect that and be equally as unfussy and slick. If your brand has a vintage feel you can consider more elaborate fonts to highlight it.  Consider your audience and what they need from you and how you need to be portrayed. The fonts have to work offline and online, appearing exactly the same in all media (consistency!)


Beautiful and appropriate colours

There is a significant psychology of colour that should be applied in branding and marketing. Studies have proven that the customers are aware of whether or not and brand and its appropriated colours work successfully together, and this can significantly influence buying decisions. Different colours harbour different connotations and responses, we naturally consider some colours to be more passionate, sophisticated, energetic, spiritual, prestigious and many, many more. An understanding of colour is vital for highlighting your brand principles. Colour truly matters!


Slick asset management

Consistency is the theme that runs throughout the points above, it is absolutely vital right across the board for a brand to succeed.  Your logo has to appear in exactly the same way across all marketing collateral, as do your brand colours, imagery and fonts. Your assets (every piece of marketing collateral) have to be easy for employees to retrieve no matter what their location and asset management is the conduit to this. Brand asset management automates all of the difficult creation and distribution jobs and ensures that collateral is consistent every, single time and mistakes are an impossibility. It guarantees that all your hard work is delivered efficiently, worldwide.

If your brand needs some care and attention, our affiliate company pixel8 can help. If you simply need to maintain a strong brand presence, get in touch with us to find out more about our BAM and DAM software.

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