Love it, Create it, Brandit: The Benefits of Web to Print Software

A great web to print platform gives businesses the tools to create beautiful artwork and remain entirely brand consistent at the same time.

You can create thousands of stunning design templates and hand them straight over to your local branches so they can explore and try them out too.

But the real benefit is that you’ll never need to worry about making sure all the artwork and advertisements remains true to your business. Brandit will take care of it - and it won’t come with a giant user manual either.

We like to think of web to print as an excuse for some fun and to get your hands dirty... if you know where to start.

So here's why every business needs web to print software.


1. No nasty surprises at the printers

Web to print software means that you’ll never go to the printers again and wonder why the brand colours aren’t consistent. Or why those images aren’t aligned properly. Or why the new brochures’ font doesn’t match the old one.

These platforms allow for no margin of error. Every aspect of your brand, down to the millimeter, will remain consistent and simple.

And not only does it look better, it saves you and your business money too.


2. You don’t need to make space for it

Brandit, for example, is a Software as a System (SaaS) platform - which means everything is stored on the cloud.

You can access it on the go. On your tablet. Even on your mobile device.

Access it on the Go

That means you won’t be stuck with any hardware installation or maintenance costs. And what’s better, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data or backing up your files because everything will be protected securely online.


3. Your staff can get involved

If your business has regional offices around the country, then you’ll want to make sure your web to print platform isn’t centralised in one big office.

Everyone should have access. And it shouldn’t require extensive training either.

After all, if you own a national hotel chain, but your head office is in London, then you don’t necessarily want to sign off on every menu, leaflet, or brochure that’s created at local level. That wastes time and it can be expensive too.

In the best case scenario, you’d have someone at each hotel who could make that decision and ensure everything looks great - whilst staying on brand.

Well, that’s exactly what web to print software provides.

This platform provides staff with the artistic tools and guidelines to create their own prints - without worrying about whether they’re consistent with the brand or not.

Get Staff Involved

Staff can also access the brand guidelines and select from a range of pre-approved photography and images. It’s then possible to edit, manipulate, and move these images around to make the print beautiful and unique to the locality.

Brandit is the closest thing you can get to busting out the super glue and scissors without actually getting your hands sticky. And it provides complete peace of mind at the same time.

Let us know what you think and join the discussion today @Branditglobal.


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