For the modern business, it’s not unusual for hundreds and thousands of files to be stored on various computers and hard drives across the company.

However, this tends to become an issue when you have a business on a global scale, each one brimming with digital assets you could really do with access to.

Maybe you’re wondering why you wouldn’t just email and ask someone for what you need?

Well, that'si one way of doing it.

But there are plenty of better ways to manage your assets in 2016, and we’re going to help you find the best solution for your digital storage needs - right here, right now.


Cloud Storage

Image of some clouds

One of the best ways to store your digital files is online. This is because no matter where you are, you’ll be able to get access once you have an internet connection. 

This is incredibly useful, especially if you travel a lot. It’s also perfect if you’re planning on using different computers, but want access to your digital files.

On top of this, gone are the days where you lose all your files if your computer or laptop breaks - you can simply log on to your cloud storage from a different computer and it’ll be safe and sound!


Shared storage

As well as storing your files online, another great way to manage digital assets in 2016 is by storing them in a way where a range of people can gain access.

This is great for a business with multiple users all needing access to the same files around the world, and if you adopt a digital asset management system to gain access to shared storage you can also decide who has access to what, too.

This means if you have files you want some employees to see but not others, you have the power to control that - a great function businesses using our DAM system adore. 



Smart Search Functions

When you have thousands of files, it can be incredibly hard to find exactly what you’re after. This becomes more and more apparent depending on how many files you actually have. It’s no fun scrolling through thousands and thousands of file if you’re after one single photograph.

That’s where Smart Search can help.

If you adopt a DAM system, you can mark up any files with specific keywords. Then to find what you need all you need to do is type these keywords in again and your files will be there.

It really is that simple.


Organise your files

Image of a Mac mouse with a computer in the background.

It may seem tedious at the time, but properly organising your files into the correct folders can save so much time and effort in the long run.

This is because if you know exactly where you’re going for your digital files, it’ll allow you to get on with your work in a much more efficient manner.

It’s time to make things easier for yourself and get organised!


Asset control

As well as monitoring who has access to your files, a great way to store them is by also deciding what files to make available.

This is especially a good idea if you’re working with branding and marketing materials and want to avoid old imagery and logos being published.  

A great DAM system will allow you to make sure only the best and up to date assets are available to your employees.


Make sharing easy!

When it comes to sharing digital files, there really is no need to spend time uploading large files into emails and then sending perhaps more than one across to fulfil all your sharing needs.

If you have cloud storage inside a DAM system you’ll be able to drag and drop photos into a lightbox and then simply add in the recipient's email and press send. It really is that easy and simple to do.

So don’t spend time searching and attaching to emails and take the easy way out!


Managing assets in 2016

As we hurtle into the future, we find ourselves faced with the prospect of hundreds and thousands of digital files clogging up our computer systems. Alongside the high volume, we also face the prospect of having to spend hours searching for digital files we need instantly.

This doesn’t need to be the case anymore if you adopt a digital asset management platform.

To see our online storage solution in action, take a look at this page here and make sure you play the video. You’ll be able to see exactly what it is about Storeit that revolutionises the storage process for digital files - for good.

You can also call us on 0161 228 6489 if you have any queries.

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