Marketers: Stop wasting time now!

The demands on a marketer’s time are ever-expanding; do you really have time to answer requests for digital assets such as images, logos, marketing artworks and documents either from internal teams and external agencies? We imagine the answer is ‘no’, and quite rightly so! As a marketing manager you shouldn’t be spending your time chasing your tail on such tasks – there’s creative projects to get stuck in to and exciting campaigns to plan. What you need is digital asset management to make your working life more streamlined.

Digital asset management can enable marketers to automate the low-level, time consuming administrative tasks associated with day-to-day brand management and instead focus on how to build their brands. Rather than dealing with manual administration tasks, such as asset searching and distribution, marketing teams can spend time on the important stuff because the team can help themselves to content straight from the platform. It allows your team to work independently and efficiently, knowing that the software securely manages your guidelines and crosses all the Ts and dotting all the Is to protect your brand.

At brandit, we’ve seen how our software has changed the working landscape for marketing and branding managers. Our clients who have implemented our digital asset management platform to automate sharing and distribution of marketing content report better marketing efficiency and higher employee productivity.

To find out more about how digital asset management will benefit you, take a read of our case studies or give us a call on (0)161 228 6489 to find out how we can help you to find more time in the working day and help your brand (and career!) to flourish.

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