Oscars 2015: Brands which captured Twitter’s attention

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While many people are critiquing the $1.9 million adverts  that ran during the Oscars last night, we thought it'd be interesting to take a look at something a bit less expensive and a bit more inventive - the real-time Twitter newsjacking cleverly executed by small and large brands alike. A tactic not for the faint-hearted marketer as this marketing technique requires the utmost speed, attention to detail and wit to be carried out successfully.

Newsjacking refers to the practice of capitalising on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success. No less than five brands caught our attention at this year’s Oscars. These messages sped through the Twitter stratosphere as avid Oscar fans scrolled to find the latest and greatest on the event. Much of this newsjacking was captured by the hashtag #Oscars2015, take a look at how these brands approached newsjacking:


NASA has certainly studied the science behind the perfect tweet. This reference to 2014’s Interstellar winning best visual effects and the playful one-upmanship appealed to the Oscars audience resulting in over 10,000 retweets and nearly 10,000 shares. The content is not the only clever aspect of this message. NASA has ticked all the boxes by keeping the message ‘retweetable’ with 26 characters to spare, by using an image which fits the Twitter dimensions perfectly, as well as linking to their Instagram channel to drive more traffic to another platform. By using the ‘.’ in front of the @mention too, this opened up the message to the entire Twittersphere and not just their followers. Very clever indeed.


This message scheduled by Philadelphia deserves recognition for a brand using creativity and initiative to get on the back of a newsworthy event. Linking creamcheese to the most glamorous event in the Hollywood calendar must have been no small feat for the marketers at Philadelphia, but they did it. A message put together thoughtfully with typical Oscars hashtags (although they missed out on the top trending #Oscars2015) and a link which drives traffic automatically to the website. In a sea of luxury brands hopping on the Oscars, it was light relief to see an everyday brand succeeding in associating themselves with the event. This humbling approach resulted in over 1,200 retweets and just under 2,500 favourites. Great stuff.

Google Play


The social media bods at Google Play never fail to impress. Their timely message reporting on Eddie Redmayne’s success was indeed ‘genius’. With artwork including the message, the film title and the ‘available on Google Play’ sales message in the bottom corner, this sales tactic was subtle and far from obtrusive. We imaging the digital marketers at Google Play had many variations of the message set-up ready to go depending on the winner. This forward-thinking approach is a tactic all brand marketers should note for any upcoming big events in the media. 

Which brands captured your attention at 2015’s Oscars? Did any miss the point or flop in your opinion? Get involved in the conversation and comment below.
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