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The main aim of Brandit Global is to enable users to produce custom marketing communication collateral with a consistent and on-brand theme. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) allows for better cost effectiveness within companies using the software, as there is no need for external suppliers to update their artwork; the company is able to update and produce its own advertisements, leaflets, newsletters and much more using the software alone, which is especially useful to companies with multiple locations.


The Benefits of Brandit 

Brandit software acts as a ‘Brand Guardian’, protecting the vital elements of a brand within its marketing collateral whilst leaving the majority of the template open to customisation by users in different locations to add regional originality.

The Brandit process involves giving brand and marketing managers and any other relevant parties access to a Brandit toolkit, through their own online brand portal.

This online software will be tailored to their brand, with templates that contain recurring themes in colour, logos, and fonts, which are locked down within the template. This allows the vital elements of the brand to be captured in every piece of collateral produced, eliminating the possibility of creating something off-brand by the use of secure sign off, whereby the piece of artwork is checked by the relevant parties to ensure consistency.

By keeping everything associated with the brand in the same theme and following set brand guidelines, the brand’s image is reinforced.


Which Brands Could Benefit from Brandit?

Brandit is applicable in all sectors that require production of unique and brand consistent collateral; that is to say, almost all sectors.

Every brand will, at some point, need to produce a booklet, advert, business cards or some other kind of artwork.

The Brandit process simplifies the procedures involved, saving time and costs where the company would usually employ an artworker or designer for such tasks.

This is even more useful in brands with more than one location, as all the software is accessible online for use wherever it is needed; there are even options for Brandit to be set up in a different language when a company has branches or operations in different countries reaching different audiences.

Examples of sectors that would benefit from implementation of Brandit software include healthcare, restaurants and hotels within the leisure sector; where templates for collateral such as name-tags, leaflets, menus, business stationery or PowerPoint presentations can be produced and utilised.

Further examples include postal and delivery and insurance, retail, education, charities and emergency services. Artwork that can be created and personalised using the Brandit toolkit encompasses a wide variety of brand assets to these sectors such as newsletters, direct mail, insurance information packs and promotional posters.

The photography asset library feature is useful for companies to ensure those producing collateral for the brand only use centrally approved images, it is also accessible anywhere the toolkit can be used; in other words, anywhere with an internet connection.

The accessibility of this software enables retrieval of templates and collateral etc. from the central server by any approved branches of the brand, allowing them to personalise it to their location without changing any key elements and then to send it straight for printing after local or central sign off.

In addition to ensuring consistent branding in collateral, the sign off feature facilitates a reduction in waste, as mistakes are more likely to be picked up and changed before items are printed

There are 6 key features to the Brandit system, encompassing the functionality of Digital Asset Management (DAM), Brand Asset Management (BAM) and Web to Print (W2P) software. The system allows brand values to be upheld and kept up to date in any location; the first key feature being simplicity and the ability to allow tailoring of branded marketing collateral within 3 clicks of logging in.

The ease with which the system operates allows those with even the most minimal technical knowledge to simply get the job done. Furthermore, the system does not require set up or installation allowing a continuation on the theme of simplicity, as it uses cloud technology in order for the system to be used from anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition, the implementation of Drag and Drop artwork design gives rise to the creation of professional, relevant collateral within brand guidelines with extreme ease.

A fourth feature is the central storage of all assets, using cloud technology that can be accessed locally and which guarantees brand consistency and prevents duplication of materials and templates.

The cloud-based design is extremely convenient as it is very accessible and has the ability to send materials for sign off by brand/marketing managers in a different locations.

The broad Web to Print capabilities of the system mean it can be tailored to the requirements of any print job in addition to being able to be managed centrally or locally, as well as using pre-customised templates to further simplify the design process.

The final key feature is the Digital Asset library Management capabilities, which allow easy maintenance of the brand’s assets to avoid duplication and keep them up to date.

For companies that exist in multiple locations and require production of branded collateral, Brandit is the ideal software system for the job. The combination of functionality and simplicity makes this system understandable for those without much technology experience, enabling anyone to produce professional standard, brand-relevant artwork with little time and effort, and at low cost.

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