Christmas is a huge investment for brands and Christmas marketing campaigns can prove to be costly. The season is highly competitive as brands strive to reach out to target prospects and encourage them to buy their products and use their services, and with every other competing business in your sector shouting about their offers too, it’s incredibly hard to stand out in the saturated market.

In fact, there are a range of issues that brands face during this time of year, and Brandit Global could be the solution to your branding and marketing problems.

Our platform is made up of web to print and digital asset management software, both of which will streamline a brand’s Christmas campaigns and save time and money. Web to print allows you to create artwork in house and our DAM system allows you to organise your digital files in one central space that will always be accessible- both of which are very useful to brand managers.

Despite the effectiveness of software as a service platforms such as Brandit Global when it comes to cutting costs and streamlining the branding process across multiple platforms, Econsultancy reported that ‘only 11% of CMOs have put integration across online and offline channels in place’, and that ‘64% report a lack of resource and investment needed to succeed in multichannel marketing.’ However, multi-channel marketing doesn’t require a huge investment or large amount of time thanks to Brandit Global.

Intrigued to find out more? Here’s how both our software solutions can help.


1. Reducing costs on your Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Christmas campaigns are expensive, there’s no doubt about that. Highstreet retailer John Lewis spent £1 million on their Man on the Moon Christmas campaign according to This Is back in 2016 - a monumental cost that other smaller brands won’t be able to mimic.


With our web to print platform, businesses can create artwork in-house, quickly and easily, cutting out the agency middlemen and reducing costs by removing the need to design new pieces of collateral for each site - making multi-site and multi-platform marketing easier than ever. This means that brands can afford to launch fantastic Christmas marketing campaigns because our software provides a cost-effective way to do so.


2. Multi-Site & Multi-Platform Marketing

Retailers and marketers understand the importance and potential of multi-channel marketing, but implementing it is the hard part.

Parallel to rising spends, online Christmas marketing campaigns are also becoming increasingly important for brands. According to Secure Trading, ‘77% of internet users, around 43 million people, accessed the Internet to make a purchase online during 2015’ - meaning that brands are faced with the need to create collateral for a bigger range of platforms than ever before. This, alongside making sure their Christmas campaign doesn’t fade into oblivion or cost the Earth, makes marketing during the season complex and costly.

Econsultancy also reported that consumers are spending less time shopping around for Christmas gifts than ever before. ‘The UK is getting shopping-savvy, with almost a quarter (24%) of UK shoppers expecting to spend less time searching for presents.’ This means that brands have a distinct need to catch the attention of potential customers with their advertising to drum up revenue.

Brands need to cover all bases from print, digital, and point of sale instore - crucially, these all need to be consistent across the board.

Brandit offers an opportunity for users to make multisite and multi-platform marketing with ease. Elements are locked down such as brand colours and images, but logos and text can be changed to suit the local area or platform. It’s a great tool that makes Christmas marketing campaigns across multiple locations easier than ever before.


3. Reactive Marketing

Do you recall Aldi’s fantastic reactive Christmas marketing campaign last year? Their solution was all based around poking fun at the John Lewis advert.

Brands can react effectively to their campaigns successes and failures with our web to print platform. If a message isn’t working, brands can change it within seconds or launch a new one. If the image is attracting the wrong audience, this can also be changed instantly. It’s little perks like this that make Christmas campaigning easier than ever before with Brandit Global.

To find out more about Brandit, take a look at our video below. Creating your own artwork has never been easier - and employees don’t even require any previous design experience to use it.

4. Brandit Consistency

It’s important to keep brand consistency at the heart of all marketing campaigns, especially at Christmas when all eyes will be on your brand.

Storeit, our digital asset management platform, supports brand consistency when seamlessly integrated alongside Brandit. With our online storage system, upper management can control assets available to users, meaning that employees can only access the right imagery to use on Brandit - avoiding collateral inconsistency and poor quality marketing materials, for good.

This also saves money and increases productivity, removing the need for employees to hunt down assets across various servers and computers.

In fact, Adobe recently reported that 97% of businesses that have adopted a DAM system had increased productivity by 10% or more - providing more time for marketing teams to focus on nailing a successful Christmas campaign for 2016 and attracting that ever-important target audience.

To find out more about Storeit, take a look here. Our DAM platform is online, smart storage at its finest.

You can also request a free demo of either Storeit or Brandit (or both), below by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

Brands already creating their own marketing communications include Hotel Indigo. Why not take a look how they have adopted our software in our case study?


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