The Top 10 Must Read Branding Blogs in 2019

In order to get your brand just right and ensure it performs, you need to have a certain level of branding knowledge and awareness - and this can sometimes be a challenge.  
However, those in charge of branding for their business needn't worry. There are many resources online that can help anyone achieve branding superstardom.  
With this in mind, we’ve scoured the web on your behalf and located the best branding blogs around. So the next time you run into any branding quandaries, be sure to explore the websites below to find some hints, tips and solutions!


1. Branding Strategy Insider

The first blog on our list is Branding Strategy Insider. If you’re looking for a blog full of branding hints that you can consult time and time again, this is the one for you.
Every couple of days there are new posts all full of branding advice and tips. One of our favourite entries that has been posted recently is this blog covering how to build a brand with great chemistry.
Make sure you take a look for some brilliant brand guidance! 

2. Small Business Branding

If you’re looking for both branding blogs and podcasts, Small Business Branding could be the ideal starting point for you.
It’s also worth mentioning that this blog doesn’t just stop at branding -  on top of this it offers fantastic marketing and business advice in general, making it a great starting point for any company.
Take a look at this brilliant post here if you’re wondering whether your business has outgrown your brand - and what to do about it.

3. Branding and Marketing

Run by branding expert Chris Brown, the Branding and Marketing blog is always ahead of the branding game.
If you visit their website right now you’ll see they’re already discussing branding for 2016, and it’s this forward thinking nature that makes it such a brilliant resource for businesses looking for brand tips and hints.

Why not take a look and see what you can learn from them yourself?

4. Brand Channel

With a focus on branding news, Brand Channel is a great blog for those who want to keep up to date with all the latest industry updates.
What we really like about this blog is that there’s a whole page dedicated to interviews with branding experts - and it’s this know-how knowledge that will really help you to revolutionise your own brand.
Make sure you catch up here with all the latest interviews here  - your business will certainly benefit from it!

5.  Brand Insight Blog

Brand Insight Blog may not update as regularly as other branding websites out there, but they do have an incredible library of blogs from over the years that are very useful.
When you arrive on the site, you’ll notice a drop down menu on the left hand side. This allows you to filter all the blogs on the website so that you can focus in on the precise area you’re interested in.
Everything is covered from branding through to marketing strategies and advertising - so this is a great resource if you’re after advice on these topics as well.

6. Business 2 Community

What we really love about the Business 2 Community blog is that they regularly update the site, and that they also have so much information available for businesses to learn from.
There’s a range of tabs featured along the top of the homepage covering Digital & Social, Business & Finance, BrandViews and much more - making it a fantastic place to go to discover some amazing tips and hints for your brand and business!
Don’t miss out.

7. Brand Republic

Another fantastic resource for branding advice and news is Brand Republic. When you visit the website you’ll be met with a streamlined design that’s user friendly, quick and brimming with branding industry updates.

They cover a range of areas including Brand Marketing, Technology, Trends and much more. So if you’re looking for a branding news resource look no further.
There’s nothing better than learning from the brands out there that are already successful. Make sure you visit Brand Republic to see what you can learn from the best!

8. Big Brand System

For a blog full of business and personal branding advice, Big Brand System is the site to visit.
There are plenty of free resources on there that will assist with achieving brand greatness, and they also offer tips on how to build your brand - as well as how to discover the best colours for it too.

There’s even coaching available from the blog’s owner and brand expert Pamela Wilson.
Make sure you explore all that there is to offer on the Big Brand System blog to take your brand above and beyond the competition.

9. Beneath the Brand

The tagline for Beneath the Brand is ‘Covering the changing world of branding,’ and that’s precisely what you’ll get access to if you frequently visit this blog.
You can search through the archives if you’re after advice on a certain area, or if you’re looking for a general overview of the sector you’ll also find this website of great use too!
Take a look what you can discover with Beneath the Brand. It could really help to increase your expertise!

10. The Brand Show

The final one of the branding blogs on our list focuses on branding for retail. It covers all the typical things you need to know to excel in this area such as industry trends and insights.
With these backing and shaping your brand, you can target and refine it until it’s as tight as possible.
There’s also a range of podcasts available so that you can listen to them while you work, because on The Brand Show, every type of site visitor is catered for.

Branding Blogs

There are many branding blogs out there, but the above 10 are certainly some of the best.
Are there any more you think deserve a shout out? Be sure to let us know via Twitter!
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