If you work in branding, or have an interest in it, then you’ll know how the sector is always on the move.

Whether it’s new brands hitting the scene or excellent branding ideas you wish you’d thought of first, there’s always something new to discover. And what better way to do that than by listening to expert branding podcasts?

We’ve gathered together the best branding podcasts around, so if you’re not sure where to start, take a look below for branding excellence!


Read about the best branding podcasts below!

1. Brand Fast Trackers

The first podcast to make our list is the Brand Fast Trackers. Although they haven’t posted since 2013, you can still find some excellent information on their podcast back catalogue. It’s all sitting there, waiting to be absorbed. Some of the posts on the main page right now include Audience First, Content Second and Back to Basics. These are both posts 215 and 216, so you can see there is a wealth of branding content to be explored here and adopted for your own business brand efforts. Enjoy!

2. On Branding

On Brand is a popular brand podcast in the sector hosted by Nick Westergaard. They tend to post one podcast a week, and they range in length so that you can find the perfect podcast solution for the spare time you have. Posts include their regular Social Sound Bites as well as Understanding Native Advertising and Content and much more. They are sometimes hosted by different people with various bits of expert knowledge, so we hope that you enjoy this one!



3. The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast

Hosted by Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier, this podcast focuses on traffic, brand awareness and business systemtization. Talking to the most successful people in their network, Wolfe and Fier explore their guests business success stories, alongside hard lessons learnt. This podcast is aimed at not only helping your business brand, but the development of your own personal brand. This is about real stories and real people, sharing their wisdom. There are new episodes every few days.



4.  The Branding Podcast

Aimed at those with entrepreneurial blood, the Branding Podcast is hosted by Gabriel Aluisy of Shark Creative located in Tampa, Florida. What we really like about these branding podcasts is that it provides an insight into the American take on branding in the current market, something which could be invaluable if you’re aiming to expand your business stateside. There aren’t many episodes on there right now, but he has been active in 2016 and even offers a Brand Strength Test if you think yours could stand up to the test!

5.  Speaking Your Brand

This podcast is fantastic for increasing visibility for women in business. Hosted by Carol Cox, decorated entrepreneur, speaker, and TV Democratic political analyist, this podcast is aimed at giving women confidence. Cox interviews purpose-drvien women, helping you to drive your message, grow their companies, and become recognised exponents within the field. These branding podcasts aim to provide women with the tools to create a watertight and impactful brand. It aims to be transformational, transparent and empowering. There are new episodes every few days.

6.  Personal Branding Podcasts

Hosted by Bernard Kelvin Cline, this podcast aims to provide inspiration around branding, social media, and authoring. If you have a good brand for your business, then why not consider developing a good personal brand too? This podcast is all about YOU! It's your chance to develop your leadership tactics so that you can become a branding guru yourself. Remember, it's always important to give yourself some attention too, whilst also focusing on developing a fantastic business brand - so be sure to give yourself some branding love!



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