Managing a brand effectively is one of the most challenging parts of being in charge of a businesses’ brand. This is because there’s constantly an array of exterior things trying to pierce your perfect branding bubble - and because of this, brand management requires dedication and endless hard work. 

But with brand and marketing asset management you’ll be able to manage your brand easier than ever before.

That’s what we offer here at Brandit Global - a chance to manage your brand effectively with our brand asset management system (BAM for short!). But what exactly is Brand Asset Management? 


What is Brand Asset Management?

Brand Asset Management is taking the necessary procedures and steps to ensure that a brand's assets are used correctly and compliantly both within an organisation and to third-parties. This ensures that only on-brand assets are used within a brand's marketing. 

At a basic level, Brand Asset Management systems are designed to store and house on-brand content in one centralised location. This gives reassurance to teams that the content they are using in marketing materials is on-brand. From PDF files to audio and video files, Brand Asset Management systems can store a variety of content and not only that, but BAM systems can also distribute assets securely both within organisations and to third-parties, ensuring brand governance and security. What we've described here can also be described as a Digital Asset Management System and a DAM system is the basis of a Brand Asset Management system.

Brand Asset Management however can go so much further than implementing a Digital Asset Management system. Web to Print software perfectly complements a Digital Asset Management system, and takes brand asset management to a whole new level. We've broken down in-depth what web to print and digital asset management systems are below, and why you should consider them both for your Brand Asset Management solution. 

W2P Software

W2P. as you may have sussed out, is short for web to print - and here at Brandit Global our w2p platform is simply known as ‘Brandit’.

Brandit is the perfect solution for those hoping to manage their branding and marketing materials in-house.

This isn’t as big of a task as it sounds. With web to print software you’ll be presented with a range of bespoke templates designed exclusively for your business, and then all you need to do is drag and drop images you want to change and edit the text to suit your needs.

You can create hundreds of marketing and branding pieces without needing to consult an agency. It’s also incredibly quick and easy to use, and you don’t need any previous design experience.

Web to print will allow you to control your brand with ease, meaning organisation of your assets will be incredibly easy for you.

On top of this, anyone can create marketing materials and you can check them before they’re printed or published ensuring brand consistency. Brand management will be a walk in the park for your branding/marketing department with Brandit. It’s as simple as that.


DAM Digital Asset Management

As well as producing marketing materials yourself, another way to manage your brand's assets is with DAM software.

Digital asset management is precisely what it say it is - it’s the organisation of your digital assets (files).

You can upload them to one, central online space and then provide access to whomever you like. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll be on your way to finding whatever files you need.

Our DAM system is known as Storeit, and it can keep everything safe from pdfs to jpgs and much more. On top of this, you can also tag them with keywords so you’ll be able to find them at a later date with ease.

DAM also stores your files on the cloud so you need never worry about losing anything ever again!


Why Does Brand Asset Management Matter?

When it comes to creating an effective brand, it’s all about consistency. But consistency takes ultimate dedication to achieve.

To keep your brand consistent you must: 

  • Be dedicated to your brand and passionate about your role

  • Distribute brand guidelines to ensure everyone’s on the same page

  • Develop a strong, supportive team as well as committing each day yourself with a sense of preservation and determination


And it’s important to keep a brand consistent because:

  • Consistent brands generate trust between your business and consumer

  • It raises brand awareness on a global scale

  • It makes you look professional in the eyes of your target audience

  • It ensures your business is instantly recognisable no matter where your target audience are


Intrigued to make your brand consistent for good? Fill in our contact us form by pressing request a call back at the top of this page and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also visit our web to print and DAM pages to watch videos of our software in action.

There’s even a free eBrochure to download to give you a great insight into what we’re all about!

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