What is Digital Asset Management?


Digital Asset Management, or DAM as some of you may know it, is the service our software Storeit supplies. 

The system will keep your files in one central place, and allows you to tag them with keywords so that they're easier than ever to find.

But that's not all there is to know about it. 

Have some more questions about Storeit? We hope we've provided the answer below. 


How does Storeit help to manage digital files?

All digital files are uploaded to the Storeit platform and tagged with keywords. From there they can be easily found by searching via these words, and also quickly distributed by dragging and dropping them into a lightbox and emailing the link.


What types of files can be stored using Storeit?

Any type of file can be stored from video and photography to PDF’s and artwork files.


Can videos be stored within Storeit?

Videos can be stored, and also a snippet can be previewed preventing the need to download the whole file.


How do files get shared using Storeit?

Users can drag & drop multiple files into a light box, or just select one from the Storeit platform, and enter the recipients email to send a link. The recipient will then be able to download the assets onto their desktop.


How easy is it to upload new assets?

Using the bulk upload feature, users can upload multiple files instantaneously and add links that can be applicable to multiple files.


How do I manage assets that become out of date?

Simply unpublish assets that become obsolete. They will still be saved, should you ever wish to use them again in the future.


How much does Storeit cost?

Storeit is a software as a service (SAAS) product and so the cost is based on a monthly fee.

Want to discover more about Storeit? Take a look at our product page here, or request a free screen-share demo below. 

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