Digital asset Management, aka DAM, is an effective way to store your digital files online.

Whether it’s pdfs, photography, videos or something else entirely - a DAM system will enable you to keep them in one, centralised place.

There are many benefits, of course, to using this software in your business, so let’s look at them below


The Benefits of Digital Asset Management

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The main function of a good DAM system is to make your life easier - it’s as simple as that.

Think back. Have you ever spent hours searching for a certain image you need? You found yourself looking on old servers, all your desktop folders, hunted through old emails, your old computer, heck, you’ve even emailed around to see if anyone else has the file you need and still you’ve had no luck.

Well, a digital asset management platform puts an end to this.

  • Digital asset management keeps your files in one place so you never have to spend hours trawling through files to find them again.

  • With DAM software, you can tag your files with keywords, meaning all you need to do is use the smart search function and type in a relevant keyword to find the files you want, instantly.

  • DAM makes sharing files easier than ever. You can drag and drop them into a light box before inputting the recipient's email and pressing share. You can also send individual files by selecting it, entering an email address and then pressing the share button.

  • When it comes to controlling who has access to your files, you can take power over permission levels. If you want one employee to see something and their manager to see something else, you can achieve this with a digital asset management system.

  • Because your files are saved online, you can access them wherever you like around the world. Even if your office is in Colorado and you’re in London, you can retrieve whatever you need with ease.

  • The bulk upload feature allows you to upload files quickly and efficiently.

  • Setting up a DAM system only takes minutes, meaning you can start organising your files pretty much instantly for a streamlined digital future.

  • You can also control what assets are available to everyone. So if you only want the most up to date files on your team’s Storeit pages, this can be done.


Think You Could Benefit From DAM Software?

Why not check out this video of Storeit in action:




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