What Is Digital Asset Management - Our Guide to Storeit

Every growing organisation is trying to gain a competitive edge by doing more with less.


Massive amounts of graphics, photography, videos, logos, documents, and artwork are created by marketing and brand teams every day. Locating the right digital asset at speed means improving productivity and managing resource effectively. 


How do you find the right digital asset in seconds, instead of hours or days? The answer is Brandit Global’s digital asset management solution, Storeit.


We’ve put together a Storeit 101 guide below to ensure that anyone considering our DAM solution knows exactly what can be achieved through adopting our innovative software.


What is Digital Asset Management & Storeit?

97% of businesses that have adopted a DAM system have increased productivity by 10% or more- Adobe


We refer to Storeit as a digital asset management solution, but in reality, this is simply a technical term for online storage.


Storeit’s main function is to provide businesses with an online storage library, allowing users to access files all over the world, providing they have an internet access and user rights. 


Storeit offers a simple solution for complex storage needs no matter what the industry. Users can save everything from images through to pdfs, and the main benefit of this lies within the ability to manage assets effectively, alongside performing regular work activities - thus boosting productivity.


No longer do files take an age to source as they are stored in a user-friendly way with UX at the heart of the DAM platform. This allows employees to save time, and work towards achieving more success with tasks that are integral to their role.


However, to fully understand the extent of how Storeit can assist with both cost and time saving inside a regular working day for employees, there is a need to explore the platform’s main features in more detail. 


The top three benefits with DAM include re-use of digital content (73%), workflow (70%), and improved search results (67%)Gleanster Research  

What Are Storeit’s Main Features?

As previously discussed, Storeit provides users with a streamlined way to bulk upload files, and this is done so at a quick speed thanks to Storeit’s superior storage technology. This offers an efficient platform for those hoping to manage their digital files in time-friendly manner.


Above is a screenshot of the bulk-uploading tool, which is accessed via the ‘Administration’ tab.


All you need to do is select the Folder you want to upload your files to, and then source them on your own server.


At that point, users will be presented with the chance to utilise one of Storeit’s main features, the smart search function.


For this to work, employees are required to tag files they upload with relevant keywords. This can be done individually for each file, or all at once by adding tags at the top next to the name of the folder.


Selecting ‘Start Upload’ after that point will see files quickly processed onto the Storeit platform. To locate them, users have to return to the homepage, select the right folder on the left-hand side, and the files will be ready and waiting. 


To locate files in an even quicker manner, users can search from them via the tags they created during the uploading stage. This is a time saving feature that provides users with a streamlined edge when it comes to digital storage, due to the speed at which folders and files can be obtained when compared to traditional digital storage methods.


Once a tag is searched for, it will then locate all files associated with that word, as can be seen below.


Storeit also makes it easier to share your files with others. To do this, users are required to select the file they wish to share, and then choose the paper aeroplane icon on the menu that follows. After that, users then need to input an email and select the ‘Share’ button.


If users want to share an array of files, it’s advisable to create a shareable folder, of which Lightbox is the technical term. After creating one, simply select the tray icon next to the paper aeroplane and select the right file.


From there, users can then share the file via email. 


What Are The Benefits of Storeit when compared to other storage systems?


‘On average, organisations are realising a 24% increase in revenue from digital asset management.’ –Adobe 


Storeit comes with many benefits that enable organisations to streamline processes, reduce costs, and step-up employee productivity. Below we’ve outlined the key reasons as to how Storeit helps business achieve these key improvements.


1. It’s easy to set up

Not only is it simple to set a new user up on Storeit, it’s also incredibly quick to provide access for users. A team can be up and running with Storeit in less than an hour, signifying the beginning of the timesaving measures a DAM can provide.


2. You’ll never lose a file

Ever created an important pdf or image only to lose it within a few days? Storeit ends the loss of files as everyone stores to a central, online space – the room for losing files after the loss of an employee or otherwise comes to an end.


3. Access to the ultimate storage control solution


Digital files can hold private information, and because of this it can be difficult to control who has access to what within a business. Storeit allows you to take the control back and puts the power in the hands of the company. Monitoring who has visibility of what files prevents brand inconsistencies, and incorrect files being used throughout a business.


4.  Storeit benefits from Smart Search

We’ve already touched upon our smart search function, but this technology enables Storeit to take online storage to the next level. Simply tag files with keywords and then use them to source assets at a later date.  


5. It’s easy to share files

Whether sharing individual files or large folders, Storeit enables users to share via email, either by lightboxes or by going into an individual file and sending the asset on that way instead. It’s an incredibly flexible and user-friendly way of sharing files in an online space. 


If you think your Storeit is calling out for a DAM system just like Storeit, then why not get in touch?


Storeit is designed to support corporate marketers, international brand managers, advertisers, content producers and publishers to be nimble throughout the creative marketing lifecycle, minimising the challenges brought by the management and distribution of marketing and brand communications. 


Storeit users maintain control of their visual assets and provide global support for the organisation, whilst improving collaboration and efficiency.


If you’d like a demo, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill in the form, you can also watch the video below for an in-depth look.


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