When it comes to web to print, you might have a few questions. But don't fear! That's what this blog's all about. 

We've gathered together a few queries our customers have sometimes, so we hope you find what you're looking for! 


What are the main benefits of web to print?

Web to print enables colleagues to create on brand marketing communications. You’ll be provided with bespoke templates designed especially for your business, and once a template is uploaded it’s immediately available to your whole network. All you need to do then is drag and drop images and edit the text to create personalised marketing materials that remain on brand.


How does it save money?

Brandit reduces the requirement of both central and local design specialists because templates are customised to suit the needs of the individual. Approval & print processes are also automated, reducing costs and improving efficiency during the process of developing new marketing materials.


How does web to print speed up processes?

As soon as a template is uploaded, it is available to your whole network - locally, nationally & internationally. It’s also incredibly user-friendly meaning marketing materials can be created in a matter of minutes instead of hours by non-designers.

How do colleagues customise marketing templates in the web to print software?

Colleagues choose a marketing template and then click to type within the editable areas. You can also drag and drop images into place.

Can Brandit create print and digital artwork?

Yes, Brandit can create print-ready PDF’s, and also JPEG’s, for use online and on social media.

Can I create alternate and dual language artwork?

Yes, Brandit works with your browser's chosen language.

Can elements be introduced that are specific to the location, for example logo & address details?

Yes, Brandit overlays templates with elements relevant to you, for example your sub-brand, address etc.

What if different types of users need to be allowed different levels of customisation?

That’s fine, you can determine who has access to which templates within the administration portal.


How can I ensure that users can only access approved images within artwork?

You can choose the images that are available to use within each template meaning you won’t find incorrect imagery used on your branded materials.


What if the chosen image doesn’t fit into the space provided?

Images can either be resized to fit the template, or the resizing tool can be used to choose an area within the photograph.


Can Brandit work with our existing digital asset library?

Yes, Brandit can pull images from an existing digital asset management library.

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