Why Lego Rules the Waves of Content Marketing

We’ve all heard of Lego. With enough Lego blocks produced for every person on Earth to own approximately 80 each, it is pretty much guaranteed that most people have encountered the Lego brand at some point.Lego’s genius content marketing strategy, however, goes so far beyond the usual social media interaction. The building block giant is in a league of its own in terms of creating a brand that invites children and adults alike to get involved with a shared sense of adventure and imagination.

So, what makes Lego different? What are the building blocks of their success?


Microsites designed around Lego storylines

Lego has a huge number of different storylines with different themes, from Star Wars to Disney Princesses.

Each of these storylines has its own dedicated microsite to expand and explain the plot and characters, as well as themed games, apps and movies.

This technique enables Lego to generate huge amounts of content around the different stories and increases the chance of fans of the storyline coming across the Lego microsites. Of course, each Lego box also includes a catalogue of products related to the story to encourage further purchases and closer brand affinity.


Miniseries movie for each storyline

Lego expands on its storylines even more through the use of serial-style movies that they run on both Cartoon Network and eventually put online onto their microsites.

This strategy isn’t solely focused on increasing sales, and that is what makes it successful; they instead aim to offer something of value to their customers, and here the miniseries have an entertainment value.


My LEGO Network and Lego ID

Lego certainly knows who its biggest target market is, and they know how to attract them to their brand with their exceptionally child friendly social network, My LEGO Network.

With a high level of parental control to ensure the safety of children, the site allows users to create their own LEGO ID that gives access to multiplayer games and contribute to Lego galleries, in addition to letting users create their own personal pages, enter competitions, meet other Lego enthusiasts and watch LEGO TV.

The vast possibilities of what you can create with Lego allows for a great content opportunity, in that customers can use the My LEGO Network to showcase their projects made from Lego. This encourages interaction between Lego fans and also with the company itself, while the users themselves generate large amounts of content in addition to what the company creates.

Lego has hit the nail on the head with this development as it fosters community between like-minded individuals, bringing customers together and building on their existing brand loyalty.



A fairly unique method of content marketing, Lego teamed up with Merlin Entertainments Group to develop Legoland, which was such a huge success they now have 6 full theme parks and several discovery centres.

The theme parks reinforce the image of Lego as a symbol of adventure and creativity in childhood by giving visitors to the park the Legoland experience. The parks are full of incredible Lego models made up entirely from around 55 million Lego blocks, which not only add to the scenery but are also guaranteed to inspire young visiting building block enthusiasts.

Involvement in current events

Lego is always on the ball when it comes to current affairs, putting its own unique spin on events that allows the brand to tap into what is going on in the world and create memorable content.

An example of this is the birth of the Royal baby George, when the company built Lego models of the new family to commemorate the occasion in their own way.


The Lego Movie

Of course, the caveat of Lego’s content marketing scheme is its box office hit movie. The company worked hard to create a genuine, funny and clever film to attract both children and parents that fits with the Lego spirit without being a 100-minute advert. 

But the real genius behind the movie is Lego’s ability to achieve complete brand consistency in the film, despite its overt creativity; that there are no rules, the only thing limiting the story is your imagination. This fits perfectly with Lego’s products and ideology, as they are so versatile you can really create anything and there is no limit to what you can create with these little bricks.

There is plenty we can learn from Lego, as the company appears to be going from strength to strength with its current content marketing strategy.




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