Why Do You Need Digital Asset Management?


Digital Asset Management has a variety of different applications across various industries. From manufacturing to eCommerce, Digital Asset Management helps you and your team easily manage, store and organise your digital files. Say goodbye to missing PDFs, images and videos with Digital Asset Management. But how do you know if you need a Digital Asset Management system?

Frequently lost or missing assets cost both time and money for companies, from both an operational standpoint and a marketing one. If you’re frequently losing digital files, and have no consistent asset organisation across your business - you may need a Digital Asset Management system.

Some common complaints we hear from our customers, prior to adopting digital asset management, are…

Why Do You Need Digital Asset Management?


We’ve compiled in this blog digital asset management examples from different industries to give you a better answer to the question, 'why do you need Digital Asset Management?'

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Manufacturing - Digital Asset Management example

Operationally, manufacturing companies produce a huge amount of data daily. Whether its health and safety reports, R&D actions, or engineering reports, the sheer amount of data produced by manufacturers means that a consistent online storage solution for files is essential. With a DAM system, manufacturers can easily manage, store and share files easily and efficiently. 

Manufacturers are no stranger to processes. Digital asset management helps to further smooth operations by implementing a consistent file organisation method across their company.

We’ve written more about the application of digital asset management in manufacturing here in this dedicated blog. 

Image of DAM in Manufacturing

Hotels & Holiday Accommodation - Digital Asset Management example

Hotels generate an enormous amount of assets, images and marketing collateral daily. From individual hotel photography to internal communications files, hotels need a consistent online storage solution that can fit to their needs. Often operating across multiple timezones, regions and countries, being able to access files 24/7, 365-days of the year is essential. With Digital Asset Management, hotel teams can access their files when they need to, regardless of timezones between teams or. 

Hotels can easily store and manage their files 24/7, 365-days a year with DAM. 

Learn more how Silver Bay Holiday Village use our DAM System, Storeit 

Image of DAM for hotels

Real Estate - Digital Asset Management example 

From property images to development specifications, real estate companies both receive and share assets every day. Real Estates companies rely on files, such as tenancy agreements and contracts, to operate their business. However, without a consistent storage solution, it’s easy for files to become difficult to retrieve when you need them. Important files, such as legal ones, can go astray and this can cause an unnecessary amount of stress and cost for team members. 

Within real estate, it’s crucial that files and documents are safely stored. Digital Asset Management ensures that files remain safely secure in the cloud, free from any potential security hacks. 

Image of DAM for leisure


Leisure brands - Digital Asset Management example

The leisure sector produces an extraordinary amount of assets, for both marketing purposes and internal communications. Whether it’s a gym, a local attraction or a tourism organisation, digital asset management can hugely benefit how these businesses operate. From member forms/applications to photography assets, it's increasingly important that assets are stored and easy to retrieve for both legal and operational standpoints. 


Learn more how Better Leisure use Brandit here



Image of DAM for Leisure

How does Brandit’s DAM system, Storeit, work? 

Brandit’s DAM system, Storeit, allows organisations to easily manage, store, locate and distribute files easily and efficiently. Whether you want to store photography, video, PDFs or word documents, Storeit can virtually store any type of digital file. We hope this blog helped you to answer the question 'why do you need digital asset management'.

Learn more about our digital asset management system here.


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